Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kent!!!

Today was my hubs birthday. He's the type of person that couldn't care less if you even remember to tell him Happy Birthday or not. I've said before, he's not a very social person, so there was no party or get together-Just me and him. He loves cajun food, so I decided to try my hand at making some jambalaya. He would've loved it if I made gumbo, but after reading the recipe, I decided that needed to wait until I had some help. Plus it said that it was better if it chilled over night. Therefore, jambalaya was it. I knew that it was going to take quite a while to make, due to all of the steps, so I started it around 3:30pm. Well, after boiling a whole chicken and chopping onions and peppers until I had tears rolling down my face, I got it in the oven at 5:40pm. Kent had already gotten home and was very hungry since he didn't eat lunch. OOPS!!! He didn't mind though. The recipe said to cook it for 45 minutes, but the rice was still crunchy. So, at 7:15, I fixed our plates with some very tasty jambalaya. (Restaurant quality, if you ask me!) It was really good, thank goodness!!

I had already made a homeade cheesecake, using my springform pan for the first time. It was a recipe from the Southern Living cookbook. Wow!!! It was amazing! I added some strawberries and Redi-Whip and wha la-After we finally finished eating, I wanted to take a pic of us. Then Kent made me take one of our whole family-Isn't that precious!


Mrs. Filly said...

i want that cheesecake! i was just looking at a receipe for cheesecake wondering if i wanted to tackle may have inspired me to do so

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Kent! I hope you didn't have any of that jambalaya left and then brought it to work:) Wished I would have stayed on nights just to have some leftovers!

Trina said...

How sweet :) That cheesecake looks yumtastic.

Rebecca Louise. said...

I think I died and went to heaven at just LOOK of that dessert! Yum and Happy Birthday to your partner! X.