Monday, March 9, 2009


It's been a while since I shared pics of my adorable, beautiful, precious niece. So, I figured I would indulge myself in a couple of my faves over the last month. We went to eat lunch at Dairy Queen 2 weeks ago and she decided that she didn't like eating her ice cream with her spoon, so she improvised by using her straw:Another time, she was eating her breakfast-pancakes with syrup. Can you guess what her favorite part of the meal is?:

The syrup-she wanted to make sure that she got all of it. HAHA!! But this one is my favorite!

It's her super cheap blow up car that came with balls to play in. How cute is that!?! It was in her room and she decided to bring it out into the living room by dragging it in there. We had soooo much fun throwing the balls back and forth! It also made her hair stick straight up with all of the static. Super Cute!!!

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