Sunday, March 8, 2009


Kent and I tried out a new recipe from our Lulu's cookbook. WOW!!! We made crab melts. When we were in the gift shop, the last time we were there eating, I saw the cookbook. I told Kent, "If the crab melt recipe is in this, it's mine!" Well, it was, so I bought it. We finally made them and they were sooooo good! We also made the fried green tomatoes from the cookbook, but Kent decided to make them like the appetizer at Jubilee Joe's in Hoover. We topped with with sauteed crab meat with garlic and honey mustard. This was probably the best meal that we have ever made! Here Kent is slaving away in the kitchen:

And here is our restaurant quality finished product:

It wasn't a Rachael Ray recipe, but it was YUMMO!!!

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