Monday, March 2, 2009

TV Tonight!!!

Tonight, I will be absolutely glued to my TV. I will be watching all 3 hours of:

That's right, I have an insane addiction to The Bachelor. I had originally signed up to work a double to get a little extra $$, but when I realized that it was the finale night, the white out came out! It's a 2 hour show, then a 1 hour after the final rose show. I am very excited about all of the conversations that we are going to have at work tonight after we have all seen it. Last work week, Jennifer, Heather, and I were all enthralled in conversation about all of the gossip that is out there. Heather loves to read all of the spoiler websites and ditch some dirt on what might happen. Supposedly, Jason chooses Melissa, breaks up with her on the after the final rose show and gets together with Molly. Someone else said that Molly is preggo and that's why he dumped Melissa. Who knows what is true, but we will find out TONIGHT!!! Sorry Kent, I will not be watching 24 tonight, I will have to catch that tomorrow!

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Mrs. Filly said...

i dont watch that show but i totally heard what happened on rick and bubba! lol i know you probably weren't too happy about the results but man it's funny to me....rick and bubba were saying that the only person liking this ending was the first wife of his. she's sittin at home saying i told ya'll he was a loser! lol what'd you think