Monday, March 2, 2009

Shopping Trip

This morning I woke up and decided to organize my shopping trip for the week. I got my sales papers and coupon binder and laid it all out. I started at Target because with our new hardwoods, I wanted to get the swiffer wet jet. Target had it on sale for $17 and I had a $3 coupon. Plus I have a baby shower Sat that I needed to pick a present up for. Anyway, I then went to CVS, Walgreens, and Publix. I got $181.45 (excluding my Target purchases. I can't find that receipt) worth of stuff and spent $95.42 OOP. That's almost half!! I went to CVS first. I only had a $2 ECB and of course left it at home, so I just started from scratch.
My loot:
Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.99 earn $4.99 in ECBs
Vit D $2.99 earn $2.99 in ECBs
I also did the $20 baby products earn $5 ECBs for the rest of the baby gift.
1 pkg pampers
2 Johnson's products
1 pkg Q-tips
1 tube Desitin
My total OOP was $28.08, a little high, but with 0 ECBs not so bad. Plus I ended up getting $12.98 back in ECBs for my next outing.
Then I hit up Walgreens:
24pk Aquafina
1 tube Colgate Maxfresh
1 bottle Infusium 23 shampoo
2 bottles Herbal Essences
2 boxes Fiber One granola bars
1 tube Carmex
3 South Beach Living Meal Bars on clearance $0.50 each (Kent eats these every day for his lunch and will spend about $2 on one at a convenience store. I only wish they would've had more!)
Total OOP: 22.48 Earned $5.50 in Register Rewards for my next purchase. :)
Last stop was Publix:
2 pk broccoli
2-1.25 lb ground chuck
1 pkg Gorton's grilled shrimp scampi
1 pkg frozen cranberries
1 pkg strawberries
1 gal milk
2 boxes shells & cheese
1 box Electrasol tabs
1 box success rice
1 jar salsa
3 cans Hormel ckn
2 cans black beans
6 cans Green Giant veggies
1 pkg Idahoan instant potatoes
1 box swiss miss hot chocolate (penny item)
1 bottle Lysol
1 bottle Swiffer dust & shine
2 Hefty Ovenware casserole pks
1 roll bounty paper towels
1 bottle Cascade rinse aid (free after coupon)
Total OOP: 44.86
Total savings: 51.38
I always love to see that my savings is more than I spent!

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