Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don't know about you, but I feel like it has been waaaaaay hotter than normal lately! Our air conditioner has been running non stop every day and it still struggles to stay less than 78 degrees in the afternoons. A couple of weeks ago, I bought some new curtains for our dining room because it seems like when the sun sets, it's just beaming right in. Our dining room and kitchen are open to each other and the walls are a brick red with white trim wainscoting. It was hard to find curtains that would look good in there, so I went with some that I had in my old house. Unfortunately I had to re buy them since I had to "leave all window treatments" in the contract. That's okay, my house sold in 6 months with a downward spiralling market! This is what I got:
So today, I decided that we needed to put some in the den since the double window is facing where in the sun sets too and the ceiling is vaulted. I chose some panels that are room darkening and have a flannel lining and claim that they are "energy saving." We'll see! I have no doubt that my power bill for this past month is gonna be outrageous!!! I'm just wondering if they will really make a difference. Anyway, I chose to go with some crimson panels since the walls in our den are a khaki color and you can see the dining room/kitchen through the arch. I bought these:JUST the panels! I did not buy that valance, I will never buy that valance!! It has lace on it *shudder*!!! I've never really been that in to having curtains on every window, but I'm also not that big on a hefty power bill either, so I guess it's the lesser of two evils.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So even though I haven't had a lot of time to truly sit down and read, I've been pretending that I have all of the time in the world. I've bought 8 books in the last couple of weeks. I guess I am just lining up my reading list so that I will be prepared for when we leave for the beach for 10 glorious days! :) My book club is currently reading Francine Rivers' Leota's Garden. I'm only about 90 pages into it and I think it's going to be good.
Anyway, I've bought these books this last month so let me know if you have read/heard anything about them:
-An American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld
-Breaking Dawn (no I haven't read it yet, but am totally caught up with the others!)
-Beach Music by Pat Conroy
-Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
-True Colors by Kristin Hannah
-A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
-An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers
-As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers

I also bought Eat Pray Love thinking that I was going to read it before the movie came out, but I don't quite think that is going to happen.

Have you read anything lately that is worth picking up?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Furniture Update

Well this past week was week #6, so my furniture was supposed to be here. I called on Thursday and was put on hold several times before I talked with a manager. He was very nice and apologized greatly. It was late in the day and the manufacturer was closed so he said they would call me back the next day with a status report.
Well, I worked day shift Friday and missed the call from my salesman that my order had been backed out and I needed to call so that we could discuss "other options."
I was very confused so I just stopped by there on my way home from work. My salesman was with another customer but I ended up speaking with a manager. The furniture that I ordered had so many orders that the new shipping date for everything would now be the end of September.
WHAT!?! My options were to wait with a discount, choose a different set with a discount, or just cancel all together. I was a little bit stunned and wanted to talk to hubs about it before making a decision.
Well, today, I went up there and chose a different set. Even though I was quite upset about the whole issue, everyone up there was very accommodating. It helps that I understood that it was not their fault. They told me what the computer was showing at the time.
Anyway, I ended up getting a set that I had really liked at the time, but chose not to get it because it was a little too expensive. With the discount, and the fact that I had already paid the bulk of the total, this new set was only $100 over my original price range. Plus the fact that I have worked a LOT of extra the past two work weeks, that $100 is taken care of:) Well, without further ado.....

Our new bedroom furniture! It has a lot more storage space than the other and the dresser is the high top, so I am very happy with the change. It's supposed to be here in 2-3 weeks, so here's hoping!!!


So much has been going on in the last month, that I feel like I haven't had time to really just sit and think. I've been crazy busy working like a maniac. My last work week I worked two doubles and two twelves, stayed up 2 days for over 24 hours and really didn't feel like "myself." My past two off weeks, I've had one day that I was actually at home and purposefully did nothing. I don't know how it got like that. It's like I was just going throught the motions and only halfway getting things done. I didn't like it!!!! Therefore, I am taking the time to just sit and be still. I used to think that it was important to be involved in everything and if I didn't have something to do, it was weird. I am at a point now where I want to do nothing! I want to just sit and figure out where this life is taking us. There are so many thoughts about is this the time to start a family, are we ready. I know that we will never truly be "ready," but I don't want to wait forever. This October will be our 3rd anniversary. But there is so much to consider when thinking about it.
Both of our cars will be paid off in a couple of months. I only have one more payment for mine and about 3 for Kent's. I want to get some of our debt paid down. We are still paying on Kent's student loans and we have more credit card debt than I ever wanted. So hopefully we will take advantage of no car payments for a couple of months and get this debt to a more reasonable amount.
I want to spend more time with my family on my off week instead of trying to catch up of everything I didn't do when I was at work. Most people are jealous of the fact that I have every other week off, but most of the time I am just trying to catch up. Working night shift is hard. Flip flopping every other week back to a normal sleep schedule can be difficult. I've been so exhausted recently that it's made it a little easier.
Anyway, I feel a little better that I actually wrote this out. I want to get back to regularly blogging. It is something that I have enjoyed over the last two years, and I do have a lot to catch up on.