Monday, June 30, 2008

Hour # 27

Okay so last night was my last night to work for my regular schedule and I have 7 days off now. That means that I have to get back into a "normal" schedule. Yesterday I woke up around 4:30pm, went to a baby shower then went to work. While at work Heather and I decided that we were going to try something new today. After we left work, we each went to our seperate houses and took showers to "freshen up." Then we met up at Target to begin our day of keeping busy to stay awake all day. (Hence the title.) Our adventure took us to Sharper Image at the Summit. We heard that it was going out of business, so we went to check it out. Then we were off to Swoozies, Old Navy, Johnny Rockets for lunch, Goody's, Plato's Closet, Lifeway, Toys 'R Us, Wrapsody, Ben & Jerry's for some much needed half-baked, Stein Mart, Wal-Mart, then finally home. We had an absolute blast. At Toys 'R Us we were on the search for my niece's 1st birthday gift; however, we ended up playing with more toys than doing any research. I find that after you are up for more that 24 hours, your mind is not in the best of shapes to make such a huge decision about a 1st birthday gift-for your 1st niece!!! Or to be out in public looking like I did. We started talking about the toys that we had when we were little and how much the technology has improved over the years. We even played with foam swords and shields until I smashed my finger putting a toy back together. OUCH!!!! All in all I think that we did pretty good. We had some major laughter when we were totally dragging our feet through WalMart walking as fast as a two toed sloth. On the way back to my car, we jammed to some NKOTB (Oct 29 Atlanta BABY!!!) and we both made it safely home after being up for over 20 hours. So here I am on hour # 27 watching the Bachelorette (Pick Jason!!!!!) blogging to try and stay awake until at least 9pm. Only 1 1/2 hours to go!!! Heather and I decided that from now on a camera must be with us at all times so that we can share more than the story. We need pics of these hilarious times!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our 1st Anniversary Trip

I know it's a little early, but we just booked our 1st anniversary trip! YEAH!!! We have been searching and searching and finally booked something that we found at the last minute. I had told all of my friends we were going to Costa Rica to the rainforest and had picked out the hotel until I went to book it and found that the airport was a 4 hour drive from our hotel. I am sorry but who wants to spend another 4 hours in a cab with a random stranger after flying and going through customs. NOT ME!!! So the search went on. We looked at several places in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Miya and going back to Cabo. Cabo is where we spent 6 nights after our wedding in absolute bliss. I had emailed Kent while I was at work to let him know that I didn't book the Costa Rica trip. (Yes, I email my husband while he is asleep so that when he gets to work he gets the message. It's not like I am going to call him at 3am.) That afternoon, he gets home and shows me some hotels that he found. We picked the Riu Club Hotel in Negril, Jamaica upgraded the room to ocean front and are under budget about $800 from what we had planned. YEAH expedia!!! We stayed in the Riu Palace in Cabo on our honeymoon and were very impressed with the amenities and service there so we are hoping for the same experience. I am super excited!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I was at church on Wed night serving at my coffee station. For those of you who don't know, I go to Church of the Highlands and serve on the Hospitality team as a coffee greeter. We have coffee stations throughout the church with free Starbucks. How awesome is that!?! I stand at the station and greet people, meet you with a smile, and clean up every one's messes. I love doing it!!! Well, anyway, this week I am standing there and see this girl who looks very familiar. I asked her what her name was and she said her first name and I completed it by saying her last name. She lived like a mile down the road from me growing up and her sister graduated with my older sister from high school. Then this other lady behind her says, "You are not Teresa Reid's daughter?" I said yes and she told me who she was. Then there was the typical OMG!!! squealing and hugging that happens when you haven't seen someone in a long time. This lady was my grandfather's secretary when he owned his own business until I was like ten. I had not seen her in about 10-15 years and couldn't believe that I would run into her at my church in Birmingham. we caught up on where we were in life and said our goodbyes. It is so good to see people that you haven't seen in forever-especially at church!!! God is sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!
Here I am at work on day 4 YEAH hump day!!! only 3 more to go. My father in law was moved to the nursing home today. He had massive brain bleed on April 23rd, spent a month in the hospital after brain surgery and was moved to an assisted living facility until a room opened up for him in the nursing home. This is an answer to prayer!!! He is completely paralyzed on his left side and needs help doing everything. It is so incredibly sad to see, but I know that this entire situation has purpose and God is in control! I have been blessed to see a different side of my husband throughout this entire ordeal also. Everyday I am reminded of what a wonderful man I have been blessed to share my life with. He is so caring and loving beyond words.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My first blog

Well hello all of you fellow bloggers out there. This is my first blog ever so I apologize since I am a beginner- it's not going to be amazing. I will start by introducing myself. I am a 25 year old Pediatric Registered Nurse. I have been working as an RN for the past 5 years. I really enjoy my job. I work 7 on 7 off night shift. I have a ridiculous flip flop schedule that at times gets on my nerves when I am trying to sleep during the day and my neighbors are mowing their lawn and it's only 10 feet away from mine. I believe in a well maintained yard; however, when you mow on Friday I highly doubt that it has grown enough on Monday to require mowing again. This is the neighbor that told me that my yard looked so much better this year than last so what should I expect. Working night shift has a lot more down time than other shifts due to the fact that the patients are asleep. So here I am on my second night of seven posting my first blog.
I am a shopaholic, I have what my husband says is waaaaay too many shoes, which I contribute to on a monthly basis. I own a pair of Jimmy Choos which I cannot wear since they are too small but refuse to sell them back on ebay until I have a replacement pair. They're Jimmy Choos!!!! And they're mine!!! I love Carlos Santana and Jessica Simpson styles since they are a lot more affordable. I will buy shoes and then buy a new outfit to match the shoes. Who really has something in their closet that would match some great snakeskin heels! We need something new! I live by the phrase, "It's not about how much you spend, it's about how much you save." If I can purchase a pair of $130 swarovski embellished lucky jeans on sale for $70 I am jumping at that chance. I just watched the movie Sex and the City and if I can find the blue Manolo Blahniks for a reasonable price I want them!!!
I love to watch movies. I am a subscriber to Netflix and currently have 43 movies on my list, and add new ones all of the time. I go to the movies by myself on my off week during the day quite a bit. Some people think that it's strange but it feels empowering to me. I would NEVER go to the movies by myself on a Friday night but during the day no problem. Kent (my husband) and I went to see Get Smart at 7:15 on Friday night and when we were walking out he asked if I wanted to go see the 10:15 showing of The Love Guru, so we turned around and went back in.
I got married on October 13, 2007 to my best friend, Kent. I will post a blog about our wedding later and maybe some pics-if I can figure that out. I am not that great with uploading. We did get married on the beach in Fort Morgan and went to Cabo for a week after that. It was bliss!!!
Well the kiddos are calling me so I will post soon.