Monday, March 9, 2009

More Hardwoods!

My last off weekend, we of course worked on more hardwoods. We had gotten the living room done and we decided that our goal was to get the dining room and kitchen done. The hardest part was getting the refrigerator moved. That thing is heavy!!! It took about 2 hours to get it moved into our living room. We had to put it on sliders and then washcloths, leaning it back and forth with a crow bar. It was quite interesting. So, if you would've come to our house last weekend, when you opened the door, this would be your view:
Can I offer you something to drink? Then we had to pull up the linoleum and there were only a couple of spots that looked like they poured the bucket of glue down. We pulled up the floor and the pile looked like a lot more than I thought.
We finally started laying the hardwoods around 12 and finished up at 1am on Saturday, so I was glad that it didn't take up our entire weekend. We did get to go enjoy the snow that fell on Sunday without having to step out in it to cut pieces of hardwood.

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