Friday, March 27, 2009


There is just something about fresh fruit that makes me happy. I just made a humongous bowl of fruit salad with strawberries, grapes, green and red apples, bananas, oranges and raisins. YUMMO!!! I have always loved fruit, but when you combine it with the beginning of Spring, it's just a little different. Today is the first full day this week that I have not really gone anywhere, and have enjoyed being at home. Yesterday, I went to WalMart on my way home from Cullman and bought some new plants and seeds. I just finished planting a blueberry bush, and an ivy vine. I also bought some herb seeds and planted some chives, oregano, and cilantro. I've never grown fresh herbs, so I am anxious to see if they start to sprout. I have dreams of becoming a gardener and hopefully this will be a good start. I grew up on a farm and both of my grandparents had huge gardens with fresh beans, corn, okra, strawberries, tomatoes, etc. I only wish that I had a yard that had space enough to plant of these fruits and veggies! I grew up on canned veggies from the garden and I must say that I miss that terribly! Oh well, when you live in a subdivision with your house 10 ft from the next and your backyard is about 15 ft, growing a big row of corn is kind of out of the question.
Anyway, we are off to Auburn tonight for a BBQ competition. Hopefully it won't storm too bad. I am thinking that I might run up to Target and see if I can find some rainboots. It's out in a field so I'm sure it will be quite messy!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

I love my mangoes!!! They always make me feel good! X.