Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Kent came home yesterday with an abandoned dog. She was in the middle of nowhere with no collar or tag, so we are seeking a new home for her. I would love to have her if my backyard were fenced in but it is not. I just can't handle 3 dogs in the house, especially one that is going to be big. I've named her Lilah, just so that we can call her something. Isn't she cute!?!She's very sweet and here's how she slept last night:

She only woke up once whining and Kent let her out and she came right back in. She's been very gentle with our little ones, so I'm sure she'd be good with kids. She's followed me around everywhere and really loves to eat:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Market

Loni and I just finished an arts & crafts show in Huntsville and this weekend we have a booth at the Spring Market. So if you are in Huntsville this weekend, come and visit us at the Von Braun Center. The Easter bunny will be there on Wednesday for photos. Here's the link so you can preview the shops that will be there.

Book Club

So I never really read books that I was supposed to read in high school, but since I've "grown up" I enjoy reading. I do however, go through phases and will be really into reading and then it seems I just get tired of it and take a break. I've always thought that the concept of a book club is really neat and secretly wanted to be a part of one. Guess what!?! We are starting one! A few girls that I work with always seem to trade out books and be interested in the same type of fiction. So here is our first choice:

I've seen it at the bookstores several times and the reviews are pretty good. Have you read it? Is it good?

We set a realistic goal of one book every 2 months, so I have no excuse! We are planning on meeting at either a coffee shop or restaurant to discuss the books. I'm very excited!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Who is excited about the new Alice in Wonderland movie!?! I really love Johnny Depp and I think that everything that Tim Burton has a hand in is absolutely incredible, so combine that with one of my childhood faves and we have ourself a winner. At least I hope!
Kent and I will be going to the theater by our house at 7pm tomorrow night, so I will let you know how it goes.