Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

Tonight at work, we had a birthday party for one of our nurses. We ordered some BBQ (boy, I've eaten a lot of that recently) from Full Moon. It came with some Chow Chow. I've never had this before, so I tried it. I loved it! It was great and I even added it to my sandwich. It was a little bit spicy, but I love some spicy food!

Before work, hubs and I went to Olive Garden to eat with the family. There were 20 of us there to eat. We met at 7, and I had already eaten by 7:40. I couldn't believe how fast they were. The service was great and truly solidified my love for eating there!

Tuesday, Marley and Me came out, so we bought it. It was the blu ray edition, but it also came with a regular DVD and a digital copy. That means that I can put it on my ipod. Awesome! I knew that we had another DVD that came with a digital copy, but didn't really know what that meant, so I was super pumped when I realized that it was a extra copy for my ipod! Yeah!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

I love that movie, the last 40 or so mins I am in tears! X.