Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black Eyed Peas!!!

How much fun did I have you ask...OMG!!! SO much fun!!! I totally could've done without LMFAO though. I felt it very inappropriate to have a 10 yr old sitting next to me while the group is singing about positions in the bedroom, if you know what I mean! Then Ludacris came out and I couldn't believe how many of his older songs I knew. I must be a secret Luda fan-Haha!
Then the Black Eyed Peas came out. The effects, the lighting, everything was amazing! In the middle, each member took a few minutes and sang a little by themselves. During Fergie's part, she sang Fergilicious, Glamorous, and Big Girls Don't Cry. I don't think that I have ever sang that loud at a concert. Jennifer and I were singing at the top of our lungs having so much fun!

The encore was Boom Boom Pow and I Got A Feeling. This is one concert that I will never forget! Thanks Jennifer! I had a blast and can't wait till our next adventure!

Sips 'N Strokes

In January, a couple of my friends and I went to Sips n Strokes. We are all Alabama fans and we were painting an abstract version of Bear Bryant's hat. We had a great time hanging out and laughing at each other. I am truly not an artist, but mine turned out okay. I didn't get a shot of all of our finished product, but this is me & Loni with our masterpieces:

Fun with Aubrey

I got to keep our niece several weeks ago and just wanted to share a picture of part of our day. Kali told me that if I had stickers, I would be her new best friend. Well, does this tell you something...

We are closer than ever! It was so much fun!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm incredibly excited about tonight! It's the Black Eyed Peas concert and I am going! I also just bought tickets to go see Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum in May. I have always enjoyed going to concerts and seeing live music. Tuesday, I was out with some girlfriends from church and we decided that our girls night out in May is going to be the Tim concert. I guess our next GNO will be buying cowboy hats to wear:) Kent has absolutely NO desire to go to either concert so it is a girls only affair! I'm really looking forward to going with Jennifer tonight! We went to the Celine Dion concert together before and had a blast, so I know that tonight will be no exception! Well, now I have to decide what to wear...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Every January, our church does a 21 day period of prayer and fasting. The main thing is that you must fast something that is very important to you therefore, you can focus on what is really important. So much of my time over the last year has been consumed with social media. I'm on twitter, facebook, and blogs for a good amount of my time each day. Last year I fasted meat and was a vegetarian for 3 weeks. It was hard, but I have always loved veggies, so it wasn't THAT much of a sacrifice for me. Don't get me wrong, anytime you tell me that I can't have something, it only makes me want it that much more. It's just my instinct. This year, the week before the fast started, I couldn't decide what to fast. I thought about doing meat again, but hubs has decided that we are going to be on the Atkins diet, so that would've been me with no carbs or meat. Just not really that feasible. So Wednesday night before the fast I thought that I had left my iPod charger at work. Well, when I got to work, I couldn't find it and went BANANAS! I was completely beside myself about the fact that I wasn't going to be able to check my email, facebook, or look at twitter for the next 8 hours. It was truly ridiculous! I thought about my actions and decided that I would give up all social media for 21 days. GASP! I didn't know about making it 8 hours, much less 21 days.
Well, guess what!?! I made it! Surprisingly enough I really didn't miss it all that much and my time was much better spent. I worked on building up our inventory for our business. I (tried) to read a book. And of course, I watched A LOT of movies.
I don't have any last affects such as tremors, twitches or shakes. So I am okay. The world is still turning and I am still ticking. I will continue to blog, be on facebook, and twitter. However, I will not let it consume as much time as I let it prior to the fast.
It's amazing what God will show you when you slow down and listen!