Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clean Garage & Green Thumb

Last weekend, Kent told me on Friday night that he had "big plans" for us on Saturday. So one might ask-"Where did he take you?" "How fun! A day trip!" NOT!!! As soon as we got up, we started working in our garage. Neither one of us have parked in our garage since I moved in. One side of the garage house the rust machine, I mean Kent's VW bus. The bus that he had to push into our garage with his truck because it does not crank or roll. That's right, the axle is rusted and the tires won't budge. But don't you worry, "{He's} going to fix it up!" WHATEVER!!! The other half housed all of our extra furniture, tools, lawn care equipment, etc. Guess what!?! I parked my car in our garage for a couple of hours on Sat afternoon. We made 3 trips to the local Hannah Home to donate items. We really should of had a yard sale, but I was too overwhelmed with all of our crap! We didn't donate some of the big ticket items, like a couch, chair and full size bed, but Hannah Home was loaded up. Kent wanted to make one more trip, but I told him that we should wait til next week so maybe they could catch up on all of the organizing they needed to do. Then, we moved the entertainment center out of our bedroom and put my old dresser in there so that we have more drawers to put our my ever growing wardrobe in. Therefore, the entertainment center is now in the center of the garage, so I can't park my car in there at this moment. But, it is soooooo much better than it was!
After we finished the garage, we went to Home Depot and bought the stuff to do our flower bed. I think it looks great!
The shrubs are left over from when they built the house and the juniper and hostas came back from last year. Kent designed the middle where the flowers are and I planted all of the flowers. We didn't come back inside until around 8:30 that night. And let me tell you, we slept GOOD!
I also wanted to share our rose bush that is in the back. I planted a $4 rose bush from WalMart the summer after Kent moved in, and I can't believe how well it has done! It has 15 buds on it and now that most of them are open, it's gorgeous! When I planted it, apparently I didn't plant it deep enough and it has started leaning really bad since it was getting so tall. (It's almost as tall as I am-5'5".) Therefore, we bought a trelis Saturday to make it more steady.

Here are a couple close up:

We have also added blueberry bushes and grape vines to our back yard, so hopefully I will be sharing some pics and eating some fruit soon! I can already see new growth on both, so hopefully that is a good sign!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sick and Tired!!!!

OK, so we are at work right now, and guess what we are having to suffer through: The smell of wax for the 1000th time this year. I mean, I know that the floors get nasty, but seriously if I have to smell this s*#@ another night this week, I might have a cow! So, here we are for the second night in a row, having to smell this glorious smell, tip toeing through the hallway if need be wearing masks to TRY to maintain some brain cells. I mean we are trying to save lives here! I think my face says it all:

Girls Night Out

Tonight, we had a girls night out. As I had posted a couple of weeks ago, we went to The Melting Pot. They have a girls night out every month, so we ended up with a group of 11. Talk about some fun!!! They had a special menu and with such a large group, we had 3 cooking pots. Therefore, we got to enjoy different kinds of each course. For our cheese fondue we had 2 pots of Spinach & Artichoke cheese and 1 pot with cheddar cheese. I really liked the spinach one the best! We had our choice of salad-Cesar or the California salad. Then on to the entree. We each had a plate with teriyaki sirloin, sundried tomato chicken, shrimp and spinach ravioli. We chose to have all three different kinds of cooking styles so that we could have a sampling of them all. Finally, the best part: Chocolate! We had Snickers, milk chocolate and bananas foster fondue. WOW! It was delicious!!! Megan and I shared a dessert plate with a piece of cheesecake, bites of brownie, pound cake, rice krispies treats, strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows. Needless to say, we cleaned our plate! I am so glad we all got together! Here are some pics from the night:
My BFF and I:

One half of the table: (No that is not smoke behind us! It's just a little steam from our boiling pots!)

The other half of the table:

It was a blast and hopefully we will be able to do it again soon!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I just want to scream!

So, yesterday we went to Talladega to the race and we ALL noticed that my car needed something done. The car was skaking violently. Several months ago, my check engine light came on and I had it checked out. They said it was just a blown sensor and we would just have it checked every time I got my oil changed to make sure nothing was going on. Especially since it would cost $600 for a new sensor. OUCH!!! So, it was time to get my oil changed too, so I brought her into the shop. I needed a new tire, a fuse was blown, and they figured out the sensor and it didn't cost a dime. :) Three hours and $113.xx later, I was on my way back home. Everything was great, she was driving like a dream! Fast forward another hour and I am trying to head out for lunch. My car won't crank, there's a message that says alarm system service required, plus my remote won't work. Great!!! After 4 attempts to crank my car, it finally did and I was off. I met Heather for lunch at Zoe's and when we leave-the exact same thing. So here I sit back at the shop while my car is being looked at again. At least they have a computer I can use and catch up on email and blogs!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Last night on my way to work, I stopped at the store to buy a Coke zero. Guess what else I picked up:I couldn't tell you the last time that I had this packet of sugar. Mmmmm! It's delish! Good for me too-HAHA! We also decided to listen to some 80s music. I love Yahoo! music radio where you can just listen to a certain genre of music! I also thought that I would share my scrub top with all of you. Not that you can really tell by the pic, but it's Houndstooth! Today is Alabama's A-day game so I dressed the part! My wonderful MIL made it for me and of course it's my new favorite top! Pardon the no makeup. I work night shift and nobody cares what you look like, they just want to sleep!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Pops

Last Friday, Heather came over and we tried our hand at making Bakerella's Easter pops. I am always in awe of all of her cake pops, so I decided that I could do them. NEVER again!! It was such a tedious task and unless God grants me A LOT more patience, I don't think that I will ever make them again.
I had the cake cooked and had all of the cake balls rolled and in the fridge when Heather got there, so we started dipping them in the candy melts.
I decided that I wanted to do the chicks and the eggs. Some of them did turn out really cute, but I must admit that about 80% of the cakes got thrown in the garbage. I don't know what I did wrong, but they were all falling off of the sticks. After that, I just decided that instead of dipping them, we would just paint the candy melt on them. Once they dried, we carved off the excess and started decorating. I apparently thought I had waaaay more patience than I really do, so we finished about a dozen chicks and 2 eggs.

They looked really cute in the baskets that I fixed and my family loved them when I took them over on Sunday for lunch. Here are a few that fell off of their sticks:

See, they turned out cute, but as I said- no patience!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A couple of months ago, Heather and I decided that we wanted to go see the Broadway show Wicked. I bought tickets, and when Kent found out, he pitched a small fit. Telling me that he couldn't believe that I didn't get him a ticket because I knew he wanted to go. (Which I didn't.) The Wizard of Oz is one of his favorite movies so he thought that he wanted to see it. Therefore, I cancelled my plans with Heather and told Kent that the ticket was his. He was a little bummed because I had bought tickets for a Thursday night, since he had to work on Friday. He is used to getting his full 8 hours of sleep and knew that we would be getting home a little late. He was okay with that-a couple of months ago.
Fast forward to this past Thursday night. Kent gets home from work,the conversation starts:
Kent-"Why couldn't Heather go?" "Did you ask your mom to go with you?" "You have a movie on your ipod in case I don't like this don't you?" etc. etc....
Mary- "You wanted to go to this, do you just want to stay at home?"
Kent- "I do. I was just asking questions. Is that not okay?"
Mary-"It's fine, but you are not acting like you want to go."
Kent-"Oh yeah, it will be fun. I just wish that it was on the weekend. You know I have to work tomorrow."
Mary-"You're 32. You can miss a little sleep. You will be alright."

We are in the car driving. I tell him twice to just turn around, and I will go by myself. I also inform him that I am no longer looking forward to this because he has just completely spoiled my good mood by the way he is acting.

The show starts:
Kent: "Is this a musical? Do they sing the whole time?"

Conclusion of the night:
I loved Wicked!!! However-
Kent will NEVER attend a broadway show with me again!!!!!!

His conclusion: "I would rather go to my own funeral."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In December, I wrote this post and shared a few of my wish list items. Well, the only reason that we now have one item on that list is because I bought it. I got Kent a blu ray DVD player for Christmas along with the Planet Earth series. (Awesome, by the way!) Anyway, on the top of that list was the Kindle.

It's Amazon's wireless reading device. Well, with a price tag of over $300, let's just say it's not in the cards for me to have one at this time. Guess what!?! Everyone who knows me knows that I am totally addicted to my itouch ipod. Kent got it for me Christmas before last and I rarely leave my house without it. It's almost unhealthy. So, the other night at work, I am browsing the app store and what do I see-the Kindle app. I looked into it and it said that with this app, you can read Kindle books on your itouch/iphone. They are wirelessly transferred directly to your itouch after purchase and if I ever get an actual Kindle, it will sync them together bookmarking whatever I am reading on each device. OMG!!!! I have a mini kindle and it didn't cost me a dime. Of course, I will have to buy the books on Amazon, but that's fine by me!!! I downloaded the app for free and I am halfway through my first book. I will say it again- I LOVE my itouch!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ladies Night Out!

At the Melting Pot! Tuesday, April 28th-if you want to go let me know. We have to make reservations to get the special price of $25 each! Details:
We will be offering a four-course fondue dinner complete with a cheese fondue prepared tableside, freshly created salads, a specially prepared entrée course, and an unforgettable chocolate fondue for dessert.
If you've never been, it's so much fun and at only $25 each, that's a bargain!!! Let me know if you would like to add to the number!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

Tonight at work, we had a birthday party for one of our nurses. We ordered some BBQ (boy, I've eaten a lot of that recently) from Full Moon. It came with some Chow Chow. I've never had this before, so I tried it. I loved it! It was great and I even added it to my sandwich. It was a little bit spicy, but I love some spicy food!

Before work, hubs and I went to Olive Garden to eat with the family. There were 20 of us there to eat. We met at 7, and I had already eaten by 7:40. I couldn't believe how fast they were. The service was great and truly solidified my love for eating there!

Tuesday, Marley and Me came out, so we bought it. It was the blu ray edition, but it also came with a regular DVD and a digital copy. That means that I can put it on my ipod. Awesome! I knew that we had another DVD that came with a digital copy, but didn't really know what that meant, so I was super pumped when I realized that it was a extra copy for my ipod! Yeah!