Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hi, I'm Mary

Wow! I took a longer break than I thought. I thought if you read this you may need a new introduction....
-When I started day shift back in August, I just felt like I really didn't have time to read any blogs, much less keep up with posting on my own. I feel like I've hit a rhythm now, so maybe I will start posting at least semi-regularly now. We will see I guess.
-Alot has gone on since I last posted. We went to Cabo in October for our 4th anniversary and had an absolute blast! Kent planned us a deep sea fishing adventure and we ended up bringing home around 70lb of frozen mahi mahi. So, really our catch paid for our trip. I also wanted to go snorkeling while we were there and purchased us an underwater camera prior to leaving. I probably should've practiced a bit on the video part, but our still shots really turned out amazing! The videos remind me of watching the Blair Witch Project. We actually had our pics taken by someone at the resort that was a "professional." They offered it as a free service and then you only pay for the pics that you want. We have never had our pics taken professionally except at the wedding, so it was nice to get some with great scenery!
-Since we got home, Kent has had 2 unsuccessful pain blocks and the bills just keep coming. I'm really glad that he has insurance, but come on! Can you pay for something!?!
-Since I have to work on both Chrstmas Eve and Christmas day, we are having my big family get together next week. Hopefully I will have everything ready and wrapped! I've gotten a ton of orders for monogramming items for friends and coworkers and I'm down to only 1 pillowcase, so hopefully I can finish up the things I want to do for myself.
-And since I'm having to work the holidays, I am more than ecstatic about our pending New Years trip to NOLA! We have reservations at Emeril's restaturant and Kent is hoping that we will spot Will Ferrell. Kent found out he is filming a movie there now, so he would probably pass out if that dream came true!