Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've been watching a lot of movies lately, so since I haven't been blogging, I figured I would do a little review. Friday night Kent and I went to see:

I laughed so incredibly hard at this movie! However; this movie was totally inappropriate to take your 10yr old to! Yes, 10 yr old sitting 2 rows in front of me. Parents-have you ever seen any of Jason Segel's movies!?! Sexual inuendos throughout. Have you really explained all of the terminology about these types of things to a 10 yr old!?! CRAZY!!! Also it's rated R!!!! Enough of my rant. I am 26yr old and I laughed throughout and I loved it!

A couple of weeks ago we went to see:

Friday the 13th-scary, but totally predictable. Just like every other Jason movie out there.

Jennifer and I went to see this the day that she told me that she was having a boy. We both loved it!! It had multiple story lines and I loved the way that all of them ended. The cast was amazing! It was totally a girly movie though! Kent would've never gone to see it that's for sure!

I've also rented several movies recently.

I loved Michael Cena in Superbad and I really liked this movie! I loved the story line between the two of them and it ended great! I also loved the fact that he drove a yellow Yugo that people thought was a taxi. That was funny!

This was definitely one that I am glad that I had just rented and not gone to see at the movies. It was just okay. It did have a happy ending, but the girl was starting to get on my nerves about how completely ditzy she was.