Wednesday, March 4, 2009


That's what I thought about The Bachelor Season Finale and After the Final Rose Show. I had read and heard many different scenarios about the whole break up/switchero in the past couple of weeks. Of course I don't truly believe that it will ever work out for any of the couples (term used very loosely!) that are together for a minute at the end of the season, but I get sucked into every season and watch every time. Why, I have no I idea!! But, alas, I watched every episode this season and enjoyed gabbing about it every Monday night that I worked with my girls! Of course Heather is the spoiler queen and gave us the heads up on the nightmare of the ending. If you watched, you know that in the end, Melissa got the final rose and huge diamond that he put on her left ring finger, which left Molly crying in the limo on her way home. Blah, Blah, Blah. Same story, what 20th season!?! Anyway, then we come to the after the final rose show. I must admit that I was a little torn on my emotions about the whole episode. I think that it was ridiculous that he "had" to end their relationship on National TV due to contracts and what not, but really, ABC get some integrity!!! That is just tacky! It's bad enough that you all "fell in love" in 6 weeks and expected to live happily ever after. Then Jason decides he made a huge mistake, can't let go of Molly and wants her back-and she takes him back. It's just weird!!
However, did anyone think that some of the dialogue was just a little scripted? Melissa wasn't wearing the ring and already looked ticked off when she walked out on stage. Then she just hands it back to him like it was nothing. Did you see the sparkler!?! Keep that junk! But then again, I'm sure that was in the contract too. So, I am a little torn. It's not like any of them are gonna last anyway!
REALity TV-Whatever!!!


Mrs. Filly said...

lol!! i love it! mary you need to a)calm down
b)possibly pick a new hobby... or fix your floors..these lives are not real and if they were do you really care about some complete strangers and their drama?
c)be like me and just listen to the updates then you can just laugh at the distress everyone is in over the "reality tv" drama
d)keep declaring SHAM! cause I love it

JanahWilliams said...

I am convinced that the show was totally scripted. I complain and say I won't watch it anymore, but you season, I'll be tuning in on Monday nights. :)

Rebecca Louise. said...

I have never watched this but it has been all over blogs and Twitter lol. The show sounds really thought out and scripted rather than 'natural.' I do not like shows that mess with feelings etcs.