Thursday, October 29, 2009

Longest post ever!

We flew into Cancun airport and had a private car pick us up and take us the 45 min drive to our hotel. It was really good timing since we got there right at check in time. We unpacked everything and then went to get something to eat. It was around 4, so we decided to go ahead and go to the beach. As soon as we stepped foot onto the sand, it started sprinkling. We thought that maybe it wouldn't last and got into the ocean. Well about 2 minutes later, it started pouring down rain so we went back to our room. We got ready and just walked around the resort for the rest of the night. We ate at the buffet and went to bed a little early since we had been up since 4am. Sunday and Monday were spent just lounging by the pool and ocean just trying to soak up the sun. Everyday we were there it rained. But most days it lasted less than an hour. Tuesday was a really pretty day and we had booked a snorkeling tour. We paid for a group tour since it was way cheaper, but when the tour guide got there, we were the only people going that day. Therefore, we ended up with a private tour for the group price. Nice! Kent had given me snorkeling equipment for my birthday. Everyone was oooohhhing and aaaahhhing over it. I was a little nervous to put it down the way they were talking about it. We started off by snorkeling around turtle bay. We were swimming with humongous sea turtles! They were a little bit intimidating when they came up for air right beside you. We snorkeled around a coral reef and saw tons of different fish. We saw a huge barracuda and a grouper. Then we took a drive out through a Mayan village. Next stop was the cenote. It's just a cave of freshwater in the middle of the jungle. The clearest water I've ever seen. They said that it stays the same temp year round-COLD!!! I had to get adjusted to it! We swam through different caves, saw some great static tides and saw a lot of bats flying around. The only fish in there were just little bitty fish that you can buy at WalMart. When we were leaving out, our guide stopped at one of the villages and we got to feed a spider monkey. It had the biggest hands and feet ever!

When we were leaving, Kent spotted this giant lizard lurking on the tree next to our car.

That night, we had reservations at the steakhouse restaurant in our resort and I tried rack of lamb for the first time. I really like it! I will definitely be ordering that again. After dinner, we walked to 5th Ave. Lots of shops and places to eat. You can also catch the ferry to Cozumel there too. Of course, every time you walk by a shop or booth, people are standing outside trying to get you to come in and buy something. I have a knack for ignoring people. Apparently Kent needs more practice. When we walked over toward the beach, Kent started talking to one of the excursion people. I proceeded to keep walking trying to get Kent to follow suit. 20 minutes later, Kent has signed us up to go see a timeshare opportunity in the morning. On my nerves! Kent of course has absolutely no intention on going and wastes about 30 min of every ones time. The next day, we went back to eat lunch and strictly avoided that street and booth. We ate at Los Rancheros. We shared the Mexican platter with chicken and steak kabobs, fajitas, sausage, ribs, beans, chips, salsa, rice, veggies, and quesadillas. They served it on a ceramic pig that had a candle in it to keep everything warm. The food was soooooo good! Here we are at the restaurant:
And here's our food:
Every night there is a different show for our entertainment. Wednesday night there was a Michael Jackson show. They reenacted most of the greatest songs.
Thursday was our last day and we planted ourselves on the beach and by the pool. Here were my views:

It was a great relaxing vacation! I read 3 books, we watched a couple of movies, and just spent some great quality time together! Can't wait to see what the next few years have in store...

A few more pics:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Friday, on our way home from the airport, we made a detour in Alexandria to pick up our new puppy. She's a full blooded Boston Terrier and she is PRECIOUS!!! She is so cute and so much fun. (Except when I am working night shift and trying to sleep during the day.) She just bounces and hops everywhere. She love to chew and bite-everything! Kent bought her a little bed and she sleeps with her back half in it and the front half on a pillow. We took her to Tannehill Saturday so that our niece and nephew could play with her. This is how she chose to ride:

She climbed up there herself and eventually layed down and went to sleep. :) Frankie is having a tough time not being queen of the castle anymore and pretty much just ignores her. But in time I know that will get better.

Teaser Post

So I started this post, added tons of pictures and then somehow deleted all but 6. This was going to be the Picture Overload post, but instead, just a short version. We had an absolute blast! I will write more details from the trip tomorrow.
When we walked into the lobby, this was the arrangement:

An abundance of my favorite flowers: stargazer lilies.

I thought about Trina when I saw this:

Huge vases of peacock feathers in the lobby.

Every day we had a different towel animal.

Here was our view from our balcony:

You can't see it in this pic, but we could see the cruise ships at Cozumel.

And here we are lying in a hammock one night after dinner:

I'll post more details tomorrow with more pics. Descriptions of our meals and snorkeling adventure to come...

Long Day!!!

The Thursday before we left to go to Mexico my BFF Heather finally had Addison. I was able to be at the hospital and meet the little cutie shortly after she was born. That Friday was the day before we left. I had a big day planned since I still had a lot of packing and cleaning to do before we left at 5am Saturday morning. I had worked that Thursday night, so I got home from work and slept about 3 hours. I woke up and finished Heather's hooter hider that I was making for her before I went to see them one last time before leaving for a week. I also planned to go to the post office and mail out a custom order from our website so they would get it while I was gone. I was rushing around before I left and apparently left my brain at home. I got to the post office and had left my wallet at home. I had a $10 and thought surely that would be enough to mail off the package and then realized that I had left the address at home too. Awesome! I was trying to get everything done early so that I could be home around 4. I live in Shelby County-Traffic. is. HORRIBLE!!!!! If I have to drive during the day, I plan my day around the traffic. My plans were quickly changing and I thought that everything would work out just in the opposite schedule. Go see Heather, come home and make it back to the post office before 4. Life was good. I thought. I was so happy to get to see that Heather was feeling better and I got to hold Addison for more than 5 minutes, the hooter hider was a hit. Life was good. I was trying to leave around 3 and suddenly realize that there are no keys in my purse. Life was NOT good. I drive a Volvo. I have no wallet. I live in Shelby County. Everything was quickly crumbling. FYI-the security dept at the hospital can break into your car if it's a 2000 model or older. FYI-it costs at least $80 for a locksmith to even show up where you are. FYI-my husband was in the middle of a meeting and ended up not getting home until after 8:30 that night. FYI-I still haven't packed a single thing in a suitcase and I leave in about 12 hours.

I was so upset with myself. I ended up calling my mother in law who came to the rescue and took me home. I tried for about 15 minutes to unsuccessfully break into my house then my neighbor came over and it took him about 2 seconds. Good to know. I think the dead bolt will be locked even if I am at home from now on. I retrieved my extra key, my wonderful mother in law got to see our house in a very disastrous state (embarrassing!!!) and then helped fold a monstrous pile of clothes. The night was not a total disaster since I got to spend it with one of my favorite people just talking it up as we sat in traffic. I also decided that since the day was already totally gone, we might as well have something good to eat. I <3 Zoe's!!!

I ended up getting home around 8pm and only stayed up till a little after midnight finishing up what I had planned on doing that day. Then we woke up around 4 and headed to Atlanta to catch our flight.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kari Jobe

Last Wednesday night, Kari Jobe was at our church. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe how it was!!! There were many times I was brought to tears just from the presence of God being so strong. There were so many people there, they had to send people up to the overflow room. I have since downloaded her CD on iTunes and have been listening to it non-stop. If you haven't heard of her, go to her website NOW!!! Or you can just hop on iTunes and take my word for it, it's definitely worth it!

Scary Story

The other day, I was reminiscing about one of my trips to NYC and remembered a sticky situation we were almost in. When my younger sis graduated from high school, we went to NYC. There were 4 of us ranging in age from 18-23. I had been twice before, so I kinda knew a little bit about how to get from here to there. Especially when you mainly want to do all of the same sight seeing and buying Coach or Louis Vuitton purses on the street. I may or may not have several of those. :) Anyway, if you've been, you know that you are approached by numerous people in front of stores asking if you would like to buy a name brand purse/bag at a discounted price. Said bags may be knock offs or stolen, but this process is completely illegal. (Didn't know that for a while.) Anyway, three of us were on our way back to the hotel when we were approached by a man. I said sure and proceeded to follow him into a building. I had heard of the "back rooms" before and just thought that he was going to be taking us there. Well, he proceeds to get in line for the elevator. We are right behind him and I see him motion to two other bigger men. This is the point that the knot forms in my stomach. I fiddle with my phone, trying to think of a plan to get us away when the elevator door opens. One look and the Lord took over. I threw my hands in the air and starting saying, "Claustrophobic, OMG! Claustrophobic!!!" and high tailed it out the door with my sis and her friend following me. The men were saying something about stairs, but we were so far out the door almost running toward our hotel before ever looking back. My life flashed before my eyes with a headline reading "Three Holly Pond Girls Missing in NYC." Needless to say, we never walked along that part of the street again, nor attempted to go into any "back rooms" from that point on. I love some Coach and Louis Vuitton, but I love my life so much more! I just thank God that my instincts kicked in when they did and we never had to find out what might have been.

Have you ever been in a scary situation?

Two Years Ago

Two years ago today, I married my best friend. We've been through quite a bit in our first couple of years, and we've made it through stronger than ever! I can honestly say that I love him more today than yesterday. I never really understood that expression until now. I guess that comes with getting older. We have so much fun together. Even though he can get on my nerves at times picking on me. I know that all of my sewing and crafting lately has driven him a little batty lately too. :) I am so incredibly excited to see what the next years have in store for us. Saturday, we are leaving for Mexico for 6 stress free nights, then we are coming home and picking up Lucy to join our family. It's going to be a good October!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Addition...

Meet Lucy-she's my new puppy:
She's 5 weeks old in this pic and I will be going to visit her this weekend. We are not bringing her home until we get back from Mexico since we will be gone for a full week. I just don't think it would be fair to bring her home, then leave her for a week. Isn't she precious!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Countdown is On

I 2 weeks, I will be on my way here:

I am a little overly excited at this point! I went on a shopping spree a couple of weeks ago to Macy's since I had a $25 off a $100 purchase. I ended up with 5 shirts, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of shorts and 1 dress. I only spent $86 out of pocket. I was super excited! I bought a few things off of Forever 21 the beginning of this week too. This next week, I will be going to Brookwood mall to spend my gift certificate from my wonderful girlfriends! YEAH!!!