Monday, September 28, 2009

Beach Getaway

Last week, I went on our "annual" work girls beach getaway. I say "annual" very lightly since only 3 of the 7 girls from last year went. I guess when you are 38 weeks preggo, it's not that great an idea to travel 4h away from home-Heather or just had a baby less than 3 months ago-Jennifer. (We missed you girls!) But, we had 9 ladies this year. We stayed at the Lighthouse condominiums, which I love! We left on Monday morning and stayed 3 nights. We had a blast! We stopped and ate at Lambert's on the way down and had a pretty low key night. Wednesday the weather was PERFECT!!! I even got a little pink:) I planted myself on the oceanfront at about 8:30 am and stayed until about 5. Minus the time it took to eat lunch at Bahama Bob's. YUMMO!!! My favorite! I got to meet up with one of my long ago co-workers since she was down there for a wedding, which was awesome! I started reading a new book, but only got about 1/2 way through it. I definitely overshot how much I was going to read! I took 3 books and only read 1/2 of one. Oh well, it was great to catch up with friends!
Haley and I with a sweet view from our balcony:
The whole gang:
Haley, Jillian, and Savannah at Live Bait our last night out:

When I got back, Kent told his friend that we would watch their 2 kids while they were away for the weekend. Guess what, they brought the stomach bug with them. I was up all night Sat night, Kent was up all night last night. So, I'm glad I had a break at the beginning of the week. Unfortunately, it's back to work tonight for 7 days. UGH!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Items!

Check out the etsy store ! I just added 5 new items!

Taylor Swift

Friday night, I took my friend Brooke to the Taylor Swift concert. Brooke turned 16 this summer and the tickets were her present. The only catch was that I was going too! :) The concert was a sell out, so I bought our tickets off of ebay. I got a great deal and only paid about $10 over the original cost. We were in the upper level about halfway down the civic center, so we really had a good view. A new group Gloriana opened up first and played for about 30 minutes. I have heard one of their songs and I really think they did a great job! I am going to look up more of their music.

Then Kellie Pickler played. I was very impressed! I could sing along with a couple of her songs.
But then it was time for the big act. In which I knew EVERY song...
We had such a great time! Even though Taylor is 17, you would never know it! She put on an incredibly great show! We didn't leave our seats until 11:15.
A couple of months ago, I watched a Dateline special on Taylor Swift and found out that she designed everything. From the wardrobe, to the lighting, to the special effects, etc. So now that I got to see it in person, it was great for it to come full circle.
At one point after one of the songs, the crowd was just going crazy! For about 5 minutes straight, she just looked like this:

Like she just couldn't believe everyone was that loud. She finally got everyone to hush and said that she would never forget that moment from Birmingham.

Sweet "Tater" Festival

Labor Day weekend, Lily Pads & Lollipops made our debut at our first arts & crafts show. It was the sweet tater festival in Crane Hill. We had a 18 x 12 foot area to decorate and set up as we wanted too. It was half a day on Sunday and all day on Monday. Sunday it rained, and rained and rained. It was quite the swamp! By about 1:30, the sun came out and there was a good amount of people that showed up. Monday a lot of people came, but we didn't sell much more than we did on Sunday. We did make a profit and are putting it toward our next show, which starts Friday!

Loni got a call Friday morning that there was a cancellation at the NEACA fall festival at the Huntsville Civic Center!

So we are working our butts off to get more made before then.

Anyway, here is our display. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions to make things stand out more...

The Bow Table

Burp Cloths, Hooded towels, wipes cases & tag blankets

Bow holders hanging in the background and a table displaying the diaper and wipes cases that I made

Special order nursery letters

Friday, September 4, 2009

"It's My Birthday!!"

If you have been anywhere around me in the past week, you know that my birthday was Thursday. We started the festivities last Sat night when my parent came down and took Kent and I to Firebirds at Patton Creek. I'd never eaten there but several people told me how good it was. I ordered the wood grilled salmon with parmesean mashed potatoes & steamed veggies. It was sooooo good! I forgot to take my camera, so there are no pics. :( Monday, my sister, niece and mom came down and we ate lunch at Cafe Lazio. I love their greek salads. Neither my mom nor Kali had ever eaten there, so I introduced them to a new restaurant. Everyone loved it except for Aubrey. She really wasn't in the mood to eat lunch.
Wednesday night, Kent gave me my present-snorkeling equipment!!!! I am so excited! When we were on our honeymoon and last year when we went to Jamaica, we had to rent our equipment and both times, the masks and mouthpieces were too big for my face. Now I have my own and it is scuba grade, so that when we get scuba certified, I already have some equipment.
Thurs morning, I received several phone calls and texts, but when I woke up, my facebook had blown up with the messages! Thank you all so much! I have such an incredible group of friends! Then I had to get ready to go to Superior Grill. My favorite kind of food is anything Mexican and they have the best cheese dip! So we met up with Kent's family & my BFF Heather.
They even brought me a super cute cake from Edgar's. Can you say YUMMO!!!
Of course, the waitors sang to me and called me "mamasita." Unfortunately, no sombrero.
Then my sister-in-law decided that the box needed to sing to me too.

We had such a great time!
Then, tonight at work, my wonderful co-workers threw me another Mexican fiesta! It wasn't a surprise, but when I walked in the door, they were having fun!
They had me quite the spread! Chicken, ground beef, a quesadilla maker, nachos, burritos, rice, awesome guacamole, cheese dip, whatever I wanted. I stuffed myself yet again! And to top it off, Sue made her famous pineapple cake...

So thank you to everyone! I am truly blessed beyond what I deserve having the greatest family, friends, and coworkers ever!

What I've Been Doing...

I posted about my new business venture a month or so ago, and showed you our websites. Well, on Sunday and Monday, we are going to have a spot at the "Sweet Tater" festival in Crane Hill. So that is why my house looks like this:

Dining room table set up with diapers & wipes cases galore. Living room floor is stationed with my hot glue gun and ribbon for making bows.
Another pile of stuff in the living room floor, incredibly organized-HAHA!!!
So, my days have been spent making bows, sewing up a storm and hot glueing anything and everything within my reach. I wrapped two frames and made a cute display for all of my bows, but all of them don't fit. I have 200 mini flower clips and about 100 toddler sized bow. I'm working on more, but we will see how much I can get done before Sunday:

I've just been so incredibly stressed out wondering if we are going to sell out and not have enough stuff, but I have gotten over myself and realized that if we sell out, that means $$$!!!
So, if you don't have anything to do this weekend, come and check out our tent at the festival!!!