Friday, September 5, 2008

CVS trip

This morning, I went to CVS to pick up some prescriptions and thought I might as well do a little shopping. Here's what I got:
2 L'Oreal cleansing wipes $5.99
1 10 pk Irish Spring soap $4.99
1 Glade fabric refresher $2.99
coupons: 2 $1/1 L'Oreal
1 $1.50 Glade
1 $1.50 Irish Spring
ECB $5.99
OOP $11.xx (receipt is in the car and I don't feel like getting up :))
My OOP cost was more because I bought 2 of the L'Oreal products. You earn $5.99 in ECB limit one, but I was in the mood to try the two different kinds. I am not one to take that great care of my skin and am making a pact to do better. This is my start. I like easy and premoisten wipes are just in the ballpark I do believe. So I earned back $7.99 in ECBS for the L'Oreal and the Irish Spring. Then I had to go and spend another $13.23 on prescriptions. CVS is racking up on my cash flow this week that's for sure.

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