Monday, September 29, 2008

Back in the Swing

So, last week while at the beach, I didn't do any grocery shopping or menu planning. So I am now back in the swing of trying to spend the least amount and get the most amount of stuff. First stop-Walgreens.
2 Febreeze Noticable starter kits
1 lg Febreeze fabric refresher
1 sm Febreeze fabric refresher
1 15 ct Cascade
coupons used:
2-$5 off Febreeze noticables
1- free sm Febreeze with purchase of lg
1-$.50 off Cascade
1-$3 Register Rewards
total OOP: 11.04
received a $5 RR

Then yesterday, while Kent and I were watching the race, I planned our menu. I asked Kent if he had any suggestions and he says, "Nothing new. I don't like new stuff." So, we are going to have tacos, meatloaf and hashbrown casserole, flank steak with broccoli and cheese, and red beans and rice. I did a Publix run today and when I got home, I had totally forgotten to get the penny item. Bummer!! Oh well, I think I did really good, especially since I had to buy some meat. My loot:
1 flank steak
2 pkg hamburger meat
1 pkg sausage
1 bag Lays
sm tub sour cream
lg tub cottage cheese
2 pkg Dole fruit cups
1 pkg linguinie pasta-free after my coupon
2 cans red beans
1 loaf wheat bread
1 lime
1 tomato
4 Campbells Select Harvest soups
2 pkg Hebrew National hot dogs
2 pkg fresh express salad
1 pkg butter
12 eggs
6 pkg Green Giant frozen veggies
2 pkg Ritz toasted chips
4 pkg Chex mix
Coupons used: $11.00
Adv Special Savings: $30.83
Adv Buys: .50
In Store Special Savings: $4.8
Total Savings: $47.13
Total OOP: $60.79
Since the meat that I bought cost $18.49, I think that this is great!!! We are going out to eat on Friday and Kent is in charge of the weekend meals, I only had to plan for 4 meals. I also took advantage on a lot of the BOGO sales.

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