Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Lunch

In celebration of my birthday, I chose to go and eat at the Cheesecake Factory. My mom had been bugging me for a couple of days/weeks to decide where I wanted to go, so I thought that since everyone in my family was off for Labor Day that lunch would be perfect. Especially since Ashley could come since she lives in Auburn. This is my mom and two sisters:
There were 10 adults, plus a high chair for my niece. She was a little sleepy so she wasn't that excited about the high chair or the macaroni for that matter. All she wanted to do was make her rounds to everyone that was around the table. I had my favorite dish...Fish Tacos...
which my grandmother snarled her nose up when she just saw it on the menu. And then I finished it off with a piece of Dulce De Leche cheesecake that they brought to me with a candle in it with sprinkles and "Happy Birthday Mary" written in chocolate around the plate. It was mmmmm mmm good!!!!!!

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Terri said...


Fish Taco's are my favorite in the world! We go to Ragtime for a quick fix, and Cheesecake Factory is the best in town. Of course they are best at the beach. Doc Ford's on Sanibel Island has the best we have found (yet). got me in the MOOD!