Saturday, September 6, 2008

No Babies Yet!!!!

So tonight, Kent and I have further solidified the fact that we are not ready to have any babies!!! We were making home made ice cream (which was the worst possible ever!!!) and after 2 hours of churning, I just turned it off. Well, instead of listening to that voice that says "you probably shouldn't do this," I poured the ice in the corner of the flower bed. Well guess what, it's full of salty water. Salt water kills vegetation. Kent has a cow!!! So what do I do? Get the shovel and the wheel barrow. I dug about a foot deep and threw the salty sand into the woods behind the house. Afterwards, I come in the house and take one bite of some really gross ice cream that is immediately thrown out. I go about my business and get ready for work.
As I am leaving for work, my neighbor says, "Is Gus in the house?" I say, "Yeah, I think so?" All of the sudden, Gus comes barreling at me. No he was not in my house! He had been outside for over an hour and his poor mother didn't realize that he was gone. Who does that!?! Apparently we do. The one that families keep asking, "When are you having a baby?" Really, I think that this sums it up.......NO TIME SOON!!!!!!!
On a happier note, Gus was not traumatized by this experience, he comes and jumps all over us getting his rope because he wants to play. I am just very thankful that he knows what his address is.....


Mrs. Filly said...

hey we were at my parents and in separate cars...we head home...get to the house only to find out that my parents heard something outside and it was our dog..we both thought the other one had him..and he got left in the driveway..luckily not ran over tho...yea so i'm with you on the no babies yet :)

Trina said...

Missing your posts girl! :)