Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just received an email from my Chase credit card customer service representative. I had emailed this morning because the past few days, I had tried to pay my bill online and kept getting an error message. It ended up I finally paid my bill which was due on 9/16 at 5am on 9/17. I was concerned about getting charged a late fee and since it was about 5 hours late I thought maybe they would be okay with it. NOPE!!! The friendly customer service rep apologized for my inconvenience and then proceeded to let me know that I did incur the $39 late fee and let me know the other 15 ways to pay my bill!!! So thank you Chase!! I will totally be recommending you and Please God help me pay off this debt so that I can be done with these people!!!!

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Trina said...

I'm sorry Mary! That really sucks. Usually if you don't pay late, like ever, they will waive it as a one time courtesy. I have had them do that before. Not Chase, but I think it was Visa? I don't have anymore credit card debt, thank you Jesus! Hope you pay yours off quick!