Saturday, September 6, 2008


I know that this might sound a little ridiculous, but I just left WalMart with a bad taste in my mouth. Yesterday, I tried to use my Visa Gift Card-denied. No one knows why since it still says it has $11.xx on it. Sorry :( Today, they won't accept my Purina coupon that I printed after filling out a survey. When I asked why, the cashier asked the man standing behind her, "Would you like to explain why to her?" He simply says-without even looking at me-"It's printed off the internet, and we can't accept those." The cashier explains in further detail that they are trying to straighten out the mess from all of the fradulent coupons that are circulating out there. That's fine and I understand that somewhat, but if your "manager" can't even look at me and tell me-really? I know that it's frustrating, but at least treat me like I am a person. Look me in the face and tell me. I know that my coupon is real and there's no way that you can figure that out, but stand behind your "policy" by looking at your customer!!! All of that to say, I really don't like WalMart today!!!


Ashley said...

That's a bunch of crap! Geez, if someone is so desperate to be printing fraudulent coupons in order to save fifty cents, give it to them!!

TRS said...

I agree with Ashley!!!

And - that's one more tally in my 'Reasons Why I Won't Shop At Walmart - Even Though My Elderly Mother Works There' list!!