Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our First Menu Week

Well, my first week at menu planning is over and wasn't quite as successful as I hoped. I had decided to try two new recipes and one got thrown in the garbage the minute I tasted it. It was NASTY!!! We started off good. On Monday we had mini meat loaves and corn on the cob. Tues night, I made my sister's Chicken Parmesan recipe. I really enjoyed it. Kent informed me that it was okay but he's "not that big on that much marinara sauce." He ate it, but I don't think that he would like me to make it again. Wednesday, I put the ingredients in my crockpot for Tuscan Chicken and Wild Rice. The recipe said to cook it on low for 8 hours. After 6 hours, I just thought that I would check it. It was on the verge of burning, so I quickly turned it off. I tried the rice...GROSS!!! I tasted like lemon mush. That new recipe was thrown away never to be made again, and the Chick-fil-a was awesome!! Thurs night I was supposed to be eating with some friends, but instead had to go to the funeral home in Pleasant Grove, so we had to get something quick again. Friday night I had planned on making some hamburger steaks, but Kent didn't eat lunch until after 2 so he said that he wasn't going to be eating. He doesn't like Taco Soup, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make it. I took the leftovers to work, and we all enjoyed it for our 2am meal. I don't really cook on the weekend, that's Kent's thing. All in all, I really liked the concept and will continue for a while before I make my final decision. I am leaving for the beach next week, so I won't be planning anything, but I will keep you posted.


Trina said...

So glad you shared your experience with it. I wasn't as sucessful at carrying out my menu plan either. But I think it still helped me. Right now I need to focus on using what I have to plan some meals.

Have fun at the beach!

Jennifer said...

that sounds about what it is like at my house. clay is sooo picky!! he has like 5 meals he likes me to rotate. is that not ridiculous? oh, and heaven forbid i try any new recipes. and if i do he always questions what's in it? CRAZY!!!anyway, can't wait till the beach... only one more day!!