Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Back-Part 1

Well, back to the land of the living. We had such a good time on our beach trip!!! The weather was perfect!! I am not going to be able to post any pics for a couple of days. It's been a little hectic around the house since I got back. My grandmother is doing remarkably well. We went to see her on Sat as soon as I got home. She said that she's not in a lot of pain and the only reason for that is because of all of the people that are praying for her. Continue please!!! All 20 nodes they took came back negative. Praise God!!! But she has about decided to go ahead with some therapy due to the family history. The docs have left it up to her, so she asked me to pray that God would lead her to the right decision. Also, pray for my mom. She is doing a lot of the care for her and is very stressed out.
Here's part of a run down on the beach trip...
What do 3 girls, 4 nights and 1 car equal? Too much luggage!!!! Heather, Jillian, and I rode to the beach together on Tues. Since I live the farthest south, they picked me up at my house. We packed it tight!!! Had to leave one beach chair behind, but everything else made it. I got a phone call when we were about 1 hour out from Jennifer-screaming her head off because the condo was so nice!!! WOW!!! It was great!!! Our first night we went to Bahama Bob's to eat and the shrimp was fab! The next day, we had to attempt to get our tan on...Can you say burnt!?! Not too bad, but red that's for sure. Wed night we all went to Lulu's to eat. Yummo!! I had the crab melt and some L.A. caviar. Our table over looked the water and it was so pretty. I really like going this time of year because we didn't even have to wait on a table. Thurs night, most of us stayed in and ate some frozen pizza and watched the Grey's Anatomy premier. I am a huge Grey's fan!!! It was nice to get to watch it when it actually came on. (The DVR is such a marriage saver.) Friday, we chose to lay out one last time. Then we headed to the outlets!!! I love the outlets in Foley. Boaz and Bessemer have nothing on Foley! I needed (wanted) to spend the rest of my White House Black Market gift card and got a great shirt. I bought my niece a really cute dress from the Tommy outlet for $10. Then we went to the Coach store to see what kind of sales and items they had. Well, let me tell you...we spent about an hour in that store. They had a promotion that if you donated $1 to the Breast Cancer Research, you got a coupon for 25% off. You could get up to 5 of them and use them all there. Christmas shopping complete for some members of the fam (who will not be named :)). I also got a great purse and a passport cover to match. I know that's not really "frugal," but I couldn't pass on a real Coach for that cheap-for a Coach anyway. OMG!!! I love it and have already gotten compliments on it on day 2.

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Trina said...

I heard about your Coach deal! Good for you!

I am so jealous of Jillian's dress that she got at White House Black Market! She wore it Saturday night and looked amazing in it!

Glad you girls had fun :)