Wednesday, September 3, 2008


First I would like to say: Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Mary Happy birthday to Me. Okay, so seriously the day is almost over. I only have 8 minutes to enjoy my birthday this year. My friend Frieda from work, just walked up and handed me 3 more gifts. She also gave me a bag of goodies last night. Too much!!! I love her!!! Anyway, on this day, I feel truly blessed as I have had so many phone calls and well wishes from my coworkers! We are having Olive Garden tonight to celebrate and I am really looking forward to that! It's been a really great day. It started of course last night at work. My coworkers are awesome and all wished me Happy Birthday as soon as the clock struck midnight. Frieda brought me a bag of goodies. Then when day shift started arriving, my mother in law comes in with my present, supercute green martini glass and some moohlah to go on our new bedroom suite. SWEET!!! Then my sister sends me a text message & Kent calls me on the way home and tells me that we are going out tonight to get up at four. While I was asleep, I had multiple calls and texts that I woke up to get & my friend Carla calls wishes me a happy birthday, but also tells me that she just found out that she is preggo!!! Congrats!!!
Kent took me to Fire + Ice in Southside which we have never been to, and OMG it was soooooo goood!! I highly recommend it. When we left, he drove down 280 and passed 459. Confused, I ask, "Where are we going?" He says, "To get dessert, at the Melting Pot." Be still my heart. My husband loves me!!!! Stuffed to the gills already am I . However, when you tell me that we are going to eat some chocolate fondue, I am totally game and will gain another 10 pounds from our dessert, and believe me, it's totally okay!!! We got the turtle fondue and it was absolutely divine!!! I LOVE HIM!!! I said thank you so much for all of my birthday stuff, and he says, "Thank you for being born." He is such a sweetie!!! While we were gone, I had several other messages from family and friends. Then I had to get ready and come to work. BOO HOO!!! And when I pulled out of my driveway, my friend called me from South Korea! I haven't talked to her since she left in May other than a few messages myspace. It was so good to hear from her and her adventures!!! This has been a wonderful day and I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members to make me feel special on my special day!!!

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Trina said...

Wow! You did have a great birthday!
Happy Birthday Mary :)