Friday, January 9, 2009

TV Recap

Most of my shows are coming back on this week and I am very excited! I love my DVR and I love the fact that I can watch some of them on the internet. Anyway, I have watched every season of:

I watched the Bachelorette and was bummed when DeAnna picked Jesse over Jason. Now Jason gets to have his choice. I don't necessarily think that this is the best way to pick your future spouse, since only one has been successful, but I love to watch the show. I watched Monday night's premier, and when I saw the previews for the season, I gasped. I cannot believe that DeAnna is coming back to mess with his mind yet again. She apparently realizes she should have picked him in the first place and is back to stake her claim. Whatever! If he chooses her in the end, I may never watch the show again. There is a woman from AL on there too. Go Huntsville! I always have to root for the hometown girl, whether I really like her or not. We will see as the season progresses.

The only other show that I have been able to watch is:

I will admit to being obsessed with this show. It reminds me of when I was in high school watching 90210 (Yes I watch the new version too.) and Melrose Place. It's a little more trashy, but I can't help myself. It came back Monday night. Where was Nate? He wasn't in the episode. Who knows, if you watch the show, I would just like to share that I think that Chuck needs to get over himself, Dan and Serena will never work, Blair is a lot softer than she wants to admit and Jenny needs a new hairstyle. There I go talking about them like they are people I know again. Its crazy to realize how much I let TV and movies truly affect my life. But I am okay with it. :)

I can't wait to get caught up on all of the other shows that I DVR. Maybe one day I will find the time.

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