Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catching Up

Wow, this last month has been crazy! Therefore, I thought that it would be a good idea to catch everyone up on the rest of my crazy existence. First, my grandmother had a great day today, her collapsed lung was better and they were able to wean her oxygen down a little. YEAH! Baby steps, but at least they were in the right direction!
Okay, 2009!?! It's really 2009! I have so many plans and hopes for the year to come. 2008 didn't exactly end the way that I had expected, but we are definitely hopeful for a great 2009! Some of my favorite highlights of 2008 include:
-One year anniversary trip to Jamaica
-My niece's first birthday
-Many weekend trips with hubs to see some races: Daytona being my fave!
-Girls trip to the beach in September. How much fun was that!?! I love you girls!
-Starting my blog
I could post more, but I will spare you. :)
Now, for 2009, there are some things that I look forward to/plan on happening. Some include:
-My grandmother's health being restored. (Again with the positive thinking.)
-Finding a job where I work no weekends/no holidays (wish me luck on that one)
-Possibly selling the house and moving-we won't discuss the location. That is still undecided.
-Losing 30lbs. Seriously, I am going to do it!
-Paying off more of my debt and saving some money
-Taking another awesome anniversary trip, maybe to Costa Rica or St Lucia
and much, much, more! I am definitely looking forward to all of the great things that God has in store for my family!


Mrs. Filly said...

oh goooodness i like your list! i wanted to visit australia this year but....about the price of those tickets! :) i found some cheap ones if I could go by this spring...about those tacos that sounds awesome! i must give that a try soon

Lauren said...

I've decided I am losing 10-15 lbs. I started back on WW, so hopefully it won't take long!