Saturday, January 24, 2009

Celine Concert

Last Thursday night Jennifer and I were able to go see Celine Dion at the BJCC for FREE!!! A big thanks to Debbie for the tickets!!! We met up and had a great meal at Newk's. It did take way too long to get our food though. I never knew how much I loved a pimento cheese sandwich. :) We got around the BJCC about 30 minutes early, but it took forever for us to finally get in the parking lot. We parked a mile away and man was it COLD!!! Our tickets were in the upper level, but they were in the middle so we had a great view! Here are some pics:

She sang "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli with his performance on the big screen. Man, it was beautiful Jennifer had that song played at her wedding, so she had a little moment, I think. :) Of course, for the encore, she sang ,"My Heart Will Go On." When Titanic came out- many a moons ago, I went to the theater and watched it 3 times. I have always loved that movie! It was a really great show! It also provided me with a little distraction with everything that is going on right now. When the show was over, we hiked it back to the car and guess what we saw:Really! 21 degrees! I told you it was cold!!! I was really glad that I wore my cute scarf! Thanks so much Jennifer! I had a really great time! Here we are all bundled up on the way home:

***Update on Mamaw: Her xray on Thursday looked better and she has had a pretty steady week with no setbacks! Her doctors are amazed and truly believe that she is a fighter! Maybe a little on the stubborn side too. They have not had to start the heart medication so we are still on our knees daily for more healing!


Mrs. Filly said...

i'm loving it! i would loved to have been there! but i'm very glad you two got to go you needed it!

Jennifer said...

i had the best time:) the dinner was awesome (even though we waited fo-eva)!! and i was so glad you were able to have that little bit of distraction time. and yes i must admit i did have a little moment:)~

i'm still praying for the healing of your mamaw.

Luv Ya Girl!!!

Mrs. Filly said...

it was worse after i drank it...i thought oh yuck now thats sloshing around in my stomach

Terri said...

How much FUN! I wanted to go but couldn't justify the cost of the tix.

Glad mamaw is doing well :)

JanahWilliams said...

Um...I'm so jealous! Was Andrea Bocelli really there? Wow! Great talking to you too. I soooo need help with my blog. Yours is so updated and cute. I can't figure out how to do the music thing...we'll talk. :)