Friday, January 9, 2009

Movie Recap

I would just like to take a moment and say Thank You to whoever invented the DVR! It is wonderful and saves my marriage some grief. Kent and I do not enjoy the same type of programming AT ALL!! He is content to watch the History Channel, Discovery, anything Elvis or mobster. I however, love me some Grey's, Private Practice, Gossip Girl, CSI, the list could go on 4-eva! I am a TV-aholic! I love to watch TV and I love movies. I am a netflix subscriber and I am a mystery shopper at my local theater. We have frequented the movies in the past few weeks and this week, my shows are starting to come back with new episodes. FINALLY! We have been to the movies a lot recently so I thought that I would share. Tonight we went to watch:

It was really good and I must admit that I did shead one tear. Anytime I am at the movies with Kent, I try my hardest not to cry since he thinks I am ridiculous. I feel like one is a victory. I will say that the way the movie is put together, it confused me at the beginning because it has flashbacks in it. Anyway, I figured it out and I really enjoyed it. Last week, we went to see:

I will admit that I am a huge fan of Jennifer Anniston. Friends is my all time favorite TV show and I have watched every movie that she has been in since. I won't say that I have liked all of them, but I do support her. I was devastated when she divorced and have always been on her side. Not that it truly affects my life at all. I was nervous for her when I saw that her and Brad's movies were coming out on the same day, and rejoiced the past 2 weekends that her movie has been #1. It just makes my heart happy. Anyway, I loved this movie! One of the best movies this year. It was a little sad, more than one tear, especially since I had to take my puppy to the vet that day with stomach problems, but he is fine now. I only had to shove pills down his throat for 10 days. :) We also watched:

This was funny! Several years ago I refused to watch another Jim Carrey movie. I thought that they were all just a little too much stupid humor for me. But, I am glad that I changed my mind because I laughed a lot during this one. We also went to the dollar movies for the first time last week. I honestly thought that I had stepped back into 1998, in Cullman, going to our theater there. It didn't have stadium seating and it only had 3 screens. High class let me tell you. Anyway, Cullman has moved up and has a nice big theater now that I don't live there anymore. The Carmike $1 theater is not the most comfortable theater, but for $1 a movie, its super cheap! And totally worth it. We went to see:

I really like Shia LaBeouf. I feel as though he is to this generation what Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were to me when I was a teenager. The movie was good and definitely worth the $1 I paid for it.


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Thanks for the movie reviews.... I let my 11yo go to Marley and Me because it was PG with a friend.... when I saw it I couldn't believe it was PG.... it should have been PG-13.... so, I couldn't enjoy it as much! I liked the book better, but I always like the book better!

Trina said...

I haven't seen any of these movies. I am not a huge movie fan, I mean I like them, but it's a long time of just sitting and I get antsy. LOL