Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Steps

Just wanted to say, "Praise the Lord!" Yesterday, when I went into my grandmother's room, her oxygen level was in the high 90s. It even hit 100% while I was in there. After such a terribly emotional weekend, and the fact that her oxygen level was staying in the mid to high 80s for the entire weekend, to see this was a miracle! She had a great day and this morning the doctor said that her collapsed lung was better and that her lungs showed improvement. You would think that with 3 chest tubes there would be some improvement. So I just wanted to say Thank you for praying and keep them coming! We pray for consistent good days this week! It has been such a roller coaster, and I know that we have a loooooong way to go, but after this weekend, we needed some positive improvements! So Thank You Lord! You are always there with us!!!

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