Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding Day 2

Okay, prepare yourselves for another long post.
The morning of the wedding was supposed to be essentially stress free. Ha! That didn't quite work out so well! My dad woke up not feeling very well, but pushed through and really didn't tell me exactly what was going on. He has adult onset diabetes and didn't have a great morning. My parents were to go and pick up my flowers at the florist that morning. I had ordered them and paid a deposit several months ahead of time and said that we would come pick them up around 9am. We had heard horror stories about the traffic on Shrimp Festival weekend, so we wanted to have everything done in plenty of time. A little while after my parents leave, I get a call from my mom. She asks me, "What were your flowers supposed to look like?" I am thinking that they weren't like what I had told her and she wanted to be sure before they left they had the right ones. NOPE! They didn't have ANY flowers for me. They had "misplaced" my order. I go all hysterical since I had given them the picture of exactly how I wanted my bouquet to look. I had no other picture. It was supposed to be stapled to my order. After sobbing and attempting to explain what my bouquet was supposed to look like, I tell everyone what is going on. Kent has gone to the store with a friend so he is no where to console my crazy thoughts. Anyway, I go bananas trying to get internet access to give me peace of mind that I did write them $100 check that had already gone through on my account. My older sis ended up knowing someone who was nearby that had library access and printed of the check for me. The florist didn't ask for it. They took the hysterical bride's word for it, and my parents went to the grocery stores and WalMart to scrounge up all of the hot pink roses they could find to take back to the florist. In the meantime, my younger sis gets me calm and then Kent walks in. The flood gates opened up again. And he whisked me off to the shrimp festival to walk around and get my mind off of the situation. All I had ordered was 3 bouquets and 2 single Stargazer lilies. Thank goodness this wasn't a church wedding and I didn't order any centerpieces or arrangements! My bouquet ended up looking very pretty, but by the time I saw it, I felt as though it was tainted. The single lilies however, needed some help. Since they didn't have the order, they didn't allow the lilies to open up so we ended up giving our mothers some flower buds. Oh well! That afternoon rolls around and since I had done everything myself I was getting all of the tables ready for the reception, the chairs lined up and all that jazz. I had some help from my wonderful BFFs from high school. I went to shower and get ready for the ceremony. My photographer called to say that he was going to be running behind because the ferry traffic was behind and he had to catch the next one out since he was coming from Mobile. That was fine. I just got ready and walked around in my flannel pjs telling everyone what to do. I can be a little bossy at times. :) My photog finally got there and as we were standing on the porch discussing what pics to start with, a white van drove up. The girls got out and came up to me and say, "Does anyone know how to pick a lock on a van. We have 2 wedding cakes locked in there." I say to my photog, "One more thing goes wrong and we are getting married while we are in Cabo." I then proceeded to walk inside and tell my brother in law that there was a white van outside, with the keys and my wedding cake in it. He needed to take care of this, I was going to get ready for my wedding set to start in 1.5 hours. Come to find out, Kent had come back at this point from the Mexican restaurant nearby and heard what was going on. He told the driver that he was going to get a coat hanger and a brick. He would give the coat hanger 10 min then it would be the brick's turn. He was not going to let anything else go wrong for his soon to be wife today! Here they are breaking into the van:

I then went and got ready after throwing out a few other instructions to by standers. (My sign in table was still leaned up against the house.) I got dressed and then had Kent come in just he and I. Since we couldn't exactly avoid seeing each other, I wanted us to have some one on one time when he saw me in my dress. After telling me the story how he broke in the van, he got a little teary-eyed. He's such a softie!
After that everything went smoothly. I didn't worry anymore about the rental company spying on us, or the flowers, or the cake. Everything was great. I greeted everyone as they were coming in and chatted it up as we waited. Everything was incredibly laid back and smooth.
I had my sisters as my maid and matron of honor:
And I married into a very loving, wonderful family:

After the ceremony, the photog, Kent and I took a stroll down the beach. I won't bore you with too many but these 2 are my favorite pics from the wedding:

Just to show you, here is my actual wedding cake that I tried to somewhat replicate the other day:

We had a great time at the reception, just hanging out, mingling with all of our family and friends. When we "left" I had the sparklers for our exit. I thought they would look great, and I was right. I loved them and all the little kiddos were excited, and since they were wedding sparklers, they were like 3x longer than normal so they lasted forever. As will the memories from this day Oct 13, 2007. Thank you for reading and letting me go back. I didn't have a blog then, so I feel like I am reliving it.And it is WONDERFUL!!:)

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