Monday, October 6, 2008

Finally some Beach Pics :)

I thought that since it's been a week, I would finally post some pics of our really fun beach trip. I have already given most of the details so here you are:
We stayed in Penthouse #3 on the 19th floor:

This is the view from our balcony that was a wonderful place for reading:

Unfortunately, there were some monsterous wildlife that took up residence:

The second night we were there, we went to Lulu's. I was wearing a new summer dress from Old Navy made of cotton. Well, apparently I bought it a little too big so Frieda decided that she could just sew it up for me real quick before we left:

This is Jennifer and I before we left. I would really like this pic if my hair wasn't in my face. But it was like the 3rd time I took it since I didn't know I had it on zoom. I really don't enjoy pics of my nostrils!

Here we are sitting at Lulu's:

The next night, we decided that we would do a photo shoot at sunset. Stephanie was our photographer and Frieda and Debbie had gone to eat at Lamberts. Hate they missed our Olan Mills session!!
Heather also got a little camera happy with herself:

The last night that we were there it was just Jillian, Heather and I so we went to the Giggling Grouper. This was the first time I had ever been and I can say this was the highlight of the dinner:
Coloring all over our "tablecloth."
We also decided that we needed to go to Bruster's down the street. They didn't have my favorite Key Lime Pie, so I enjoyed the Birthday Cake Remix:

Last one; me and Heather chatting on the beach at sunset. Fun times!!!!

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Terri said...

I just love reading your blog. It makes me smile!!