Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hangin' Tough with a Pocket Full of Sunshine!

OMG!!! Words cannot truly express how much fun I had last night at the concert. I had so much fun with Shannon, Erica and Brandy!! We met up around 1ish to leave for the ATL. We checked into our hotel and changed-thanks Shannon-for the Boys. Had to get a little glam :) We stopped and picked up some grub at the Wendy's across the street and when we walked in, we were amongst about 50 other ladies our ages going to the concert. It was at the Gwinnett Center right outside of ATL. What a nice venue! Anyway, the whole time we are stuck in traffic, we see all of these other vehicles with stuff written all over their cars. We had nothing, but found some things hilarious. Such as: My heart belongs to Donnie; NKOTB or Bust, ATL bound, We've been waiting 15 years for this, etc, etc. We got to our seats-7th row on the side lower level. WOW! There were some major '80s rejects there. I mean, I know that I am at this concert too, but I was wearing normal clothes with my hair fixed like it always is in 2008! We saw some homemade puff paint t-shirts, crimped hair, leg warmers, spandex, huge buttons and finally- my fave- the sequin headband with the side ponytail. CLASSIC!!! I took pics of some of these, but I will not post them to protect the innocent. Natasha Beddingfield opened first. She was amazing! She was only on stage for about 25 min, but she put on a great performance. I knew most everything that she sang too, which always makes it more fun. Then Lady GaGa performed. One word sums it up-weird! I could've stayed out in the lobby during her 20-30 min. Then on to the big show! After they played a short video of some old school pics and wording, they opened with a new song-Single. Great beginning to the show, very upbeat! They played all of the great vintage songs! We were jumping up and down, screaming every word like we were 12 again! They also came out to the floor like right in front of us on a revolving stage to sing a few songs, so we got an even closer look! But when Jordan busts out in his high voice singing in an open white shirt with the wind machine blowing on him-I really was 12 again! I was infatuated with him so many years ago! Such sweet memories! The show lasted about 3.5 hours and I didn't want it to end! When they left the stage the 1st time, the audience started singing the words to Hangin' Tough. Then they busted back out with Step by Step and Hangin' Tough to finish it off. It was definitely a night that I will never forget! Now I am 26 again and in the real world at work. It's really a bummer to have so much fun then get kicked back into reality. Maybe I will win the lottery, quit work and become a groupie-A girl can dream! Here are a few pics of our great night:

The beginning to the best concert ever!

I can't believe we are really here!

Crazy screaming mid 20s-30 year old ladies-What What!!!

Revolving stage in front of us:

Be Still My Heart:

Brandy & Erica:

Shannon and Yours Truly:

I think I may have shed a tear when it was over :(

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Terri said...

That sounds like such a blast! I'm so glad you had a bithin' time!!

I can't believe so many people showed up!