Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay, so I didn't post anything last week about CVS because all I really did was restock my medicine cabinet with Tylenol, Benadryl and Neosporin. I earned $10 ECBs from this that I used this am when I went to CVS. Remember, I am a beginner, but I am really proud. This is what I did:
2 bottles of Dawn $0.88
2 Crest with Scope $2.49 each
2 Colgate $2.99 each
2 Cover Girl powders
1 Oral B advantage toothbrush
1 Gillete Fusion Phantom razor
1 CVS Hand Sanitizer
My Hand Sanitizer was my free product for the month of August.
Used $16.99 MFC
ECBs $10.99
OOP total: $15.62
Earned $11.50 back in ECBs
I ended up getting the wrong Cover Girl powder so I ended up paying for one. I didn't notice this until just now. :( All in all, my cabinet is stocked with some toothpaste!!! And not too bad for what I got.


Trina said...

Yay Mary! You did pretty good. Mistakes happen tho. I made one Sunday when I bought the wrong lightbulbs at RiteAid, so I have to return those and hopefully the right ones will be in stock.

Did you see the Rite Aid ad this week? Lots of stuff free after rebate. I ended up spending a little over $40 but will get all of it back (except tax). And it's stuff we use so, can't beat that. I haven't done their rebates in awhile. Sometimes 1 grocery store and 2 drugstores are enough to keep one busy LOL :)

Mrs. Filly said...

ok i think i need to start shopping at cvs! what is this ecb's..i need to research this!