Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things I Love....@ this moment

On my way to work tonight, I was just thinking about being thankful. We had a great service at church tonight, and if you are like me, you get a "church high" after leaving. I truly think that I need Wed nights to come around more often so that my attitude stays positive and in the right frame. Especially on my work week. I am normally sleep deprived, ill, and have that "don't mess with me" attitude. I just thought that I would post a top 10 of the things that I am most thankful for and love at this time of my life.

1. God & my church-My favorite time to go to church is on Wed nights. I just love the time of worship and prayer. There is never a time that I feel the presence of the Lord move so much. I think that I tear up every week during our special prayer time, and leave with that "church high."

2. My husband- I love to go on weekend trips with him. He sent me a short, unexpected email at the beginning of this week and you have no idea how that made my day. I LOVE HIM!!!! I thank God for our relationship. We are so incredibly different it astounds me, but it totally works. We are going out of town this weekend! YEAH!!!

3. My family-All of my family, my husband's family. We don't live that close but the time that we spend together really is wonderful!!

4. Friends-I am very close to a lot of girls that I work with. I have been blessed beyond measure to work with Godly women. We all have our moments of frustration and generally not wanting to work, but we (for the most part) all get along so well. I also have many friends from school that still keep in touch and get together for lunch.

5. My ipod touch- Technology is wonderful!!! I love the fact that I can get on the internet anywhere that has WiFi and download a song in like a minute!

6. My car-can we say 27-30 mpg. Thank you Jesus I do not have my old vehicle with gas prices in the millions. :)

7. The Olympics-I am truly entertained by the swimming (GO Michael Phelps!), gymnastics, diving and beach volleyball. Most of the events that I love are now over though. Go USA!

8. Coupons-I have a new addiction that I consider very healthy. At least to my checkbook. I was having a conversation with my mother the other day about my new way of shopping. I think she was flabergasted! I was always the one that would just go and shop, never really caring what I spent. Now that we have a financial advisor (something about typing that makes me want to stick my nose in the air) I have become more aware. I am completely addicted!

9. Movies- I am a subscriber to Netflix and I love to watch movies on my off week. I am a mystery shopper at my local theater. I also love to go to the movies during the day to catch a "chick-flick" that I know Kent would die before he would go see. It's only $5.50 before 5pm so it's really pretty cheap. At least it's better than going to the mall and spending only God knows what on things I don't really need.

10. Ice cream- My fave at the moment is Key Lime Pie from Bruster's. I almost cried when I saw that the one by my house closed. But then again, when the drive through guy knows you by name, it's probably not a bad thing it closed.


Trina said...

Love this post :)

It's really therapeutic to think of all the blessings you have especially when you are having a semi-rough week like me. LOL

But as I like to say, Jesus is still on the throne!

Terri said...

I"m a thankful person by nature, but lately it's been on the forefront of ;my thoughts.

Love the post and THANKS for the headsup on Brusters KeyLime Pie icecream. I'm going tomorrow.