Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoppin' & Savin' Day

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Monday is normally my least favorite day of the week. I work 7 on 7 off night shift and one Monday is my first day back, like today, or the other is trying to get as little sleep possible and still function in order to get back on the right sleeping pattern. Well, today has been great!!!
I spent $44.65 OOP today at 5 different stores, and I feel as though I did great!!! I started by going to my new favorite CVS. It's maybe 3 miles farther away, but it is new and everything is always labeled for the right sale! The cashiers are always impressed too!! The middle stack is my CVS loot:
2- 3 packs Ivory bar soap
4- Crest toothpaste
1- Puffs kleenex
coupons used:
1-$2/10 CVS coupon
2-$.25 Ivory soap
1-$1/2 Crest (I had another one that I forgot to use, Oh well.)
1-$.25 Puffs
$5 ECB
OOP cost $3.24, saved $13.22
I also earned back $5 ECBs with the Ivory and the Crest and a coupon printed out for a $.99 picture CD.
Then I went to the new Publix across the street, but we will get to that one last. I then went to Rite-Aid. (Stack on the left)
1-Windex Multi Surface vinegar found on clearance $1.74
2-4 pk Ocelo sponges $.99 each
1- Crest $3.19
$.75 Windex
$1/2 Ocelo sponge packs
OOP cost: $5.71 , but will get back $3.19 for the Crest as a rebate, so $2.52.
Then, about a mile down the road is a Walgreens. Of course I stopped and here's what the stack on the right cost me:
2-Dove Shampoo (the 33% more free bottles) 2/$4.99
1-Schick Quattro razor $3
$2 Dove shampoo
$2 Schick razor
total OOP: $4.63 saved $7.99
Okay, now for my Publix loot:

Like I said before, I went to Publix across the street from CVS. They were out of the Shout. When I stopped by Walgreens guess what was across the street, another Publix. I thought I would see if they had the Shout. I am not crazy. All of the stores are less than a 10 minute drive from my house depending on how you go, interstate, backroads, there are many ways to get back to my house so I really didn't drive that far away!!!

1st stop:

2-Ruffles chips BOGO

3-pks banquet sausages

1 pk flour tortillas

2-Bird's Eye frozen veggie packs

2 pks of Edwards pies BOGO

2-Vlasic pickles BOGO
1.72 lb apples

2 pk BIC pencils

2 cans Bush's Grilling Beans BOGO

Publix brand facial tissue (this weeks penny item)

OOP cost: $26.14

total savings: $22.61

2nd store:

2-Shout BOGO

1-Pledge (which I thought was on sale, but wasn't)

coupons: 2-$.75 Shout and 1-$1 Pledge

OOP: $4.93, saved $5.38

I call this SUCCESS!!!!! I love shopping this way!!!


Trina said...

Mary, I had a printable for the Vlasic I coulda shared with you! It's in pdf.

Anyway, you did great :)

I'll be posting mine tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

man thats impressive!! i wil lhopefully get to save this week ...dont know if ill have the time but i will try to fit it in wed!! i miss u and will see u in a few hours!!