Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wasted morning

So today, I had an appt at Best Buy to get the satellite radio installed. We bought the stuff on this past Friday-6 days ago. I get there and the dude tells me that they don't have the adapters for my kind of car, it will cost another $15 and he will have to go and get it from Homewood before he can start. We were told on Friday upon making this appt that it would take about 1 hour. I worked last night and they don't open until 10am. I don't work tonight so I thought that I could tough it out and stay up, no big deal. Well, that is until I walked around the shopping center, went in every single store "browsing" for 2 hours and went back into best buy. I chose to sit in the home theater section and watch some Spiderman 2 in a really comfortable chair. They then proceed to tell me that they gave them the wrong adapter for my car and it will be days before they can get the right one. WHAT!!!! I have just wasted all morning and have nothing but a few clearance items from Target! He then proceeds to try to reschedule, and I let him know that I go back to work on Monday, and my husband is having surgery Friday of next week. Just when are they going to get this part in? He says that he might could have it in tomorrow, he could just go pick it up himself. I am normally a pretty easy going person, but I have had this appt for 6 days, they knew then what kind of car I drove. That means that they have had 6 days to get the adapter they needed. Am I wrong? I have also just wasted my morning walking around a shopping center. Not that I really had anything to do, just the principle. Here's hopeing that when I get there in the morning, everything goes quickly and I won't have to walk around forever just wasting my time.


Terri said...

The Hoova Best Buy? We should meet for lunch!

I like Best Buy, but never had any dealings with their customer service dept. I don't typically like customer service.

Mary said...

In Alabaster, but I don't have any plans after tomorrow, we could meet if you want to?