Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun Pottery Day

Okay, today me and my BFF, Heather, went to Painted by U in Vestavia. She had gotten a gift certificate and I just thought that it might be fun so technically, I invited myself. :) She didn't mind though. I have never done this before and was feeling a little creative. We met up and I wanted to start kinda cheap just in case it looked like my niece painted it instead of myself. I am now a big fan of this store!!! They are moving across the street from the Galleria in a couple of weeks. If I had children I definitely think that this would be a good birthday party place, of course for the older ones. Pottery with a bunch of toddlers, not so much. I chose the small rectangular platter and Heather chose the sushi plate. I really think that they turned out really good and am excited to go and pick them up once they are finished. The paint turns a bit darker once it is fired and they put a glaze on it too so it looks all nice and shiny in the end. This is my almost blank canvas: Yes I used a stencil, I can't draw that good.

Here is Heather painting her masterpiece:

And here are our finished products:

Heather always wanted a picture that had this verse on it, but said all of the ones that she found looked to "grandma-ish." Solution: Make one for yourself...

Afterward, I went to the Galleria and used my free panty coupon from Victoria's Secret, and get this...I didn't buy anything else!!! I am so proud of myself!!!


Heather said...

You are so much better than me at posting quickly! I am a complete slacker. Instead of posting, I've been enthralled in Lifetime movies, haha! I had loads of fun today....I'm glad you invited yourself!!! I always enjoy hanging out with my BFF! See ya soon! =)

Mrs. Filly said...

we went to a place like that in TN because it was freezing cold outside and well the paint by you was warm..i didnt think i'd love it but i did so i'm feelin ya on the painting plates :)!

Trina said...

How Fun! I've done Sips N Strokes but would love to paint pottery. I like how yours turned out, very cute.

Congrats on restraining yourself in VS. Where did you score the free panty coupon?