Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dogs are expensive

So this past weekend, we went to Daytona. We needed to find a new vet, since I was still driving 1 1/2 hours to board our dogs when we went anywhere. We found a new one close to our house and when I went to pick them up they had these cute little bandanas on.
I grew up on a farm in Holly Pond where we weren't allowed to have inside pets. We always had outside dogs and we took them to the vet when it was necessary. I have never given my dogs hearworm pills for prevention or flused out their ears. I never really thought about it. Well, now that they are all current with their shots, their ears are clean and we are starting on heartworm prevention even though they tested negative. I was completely baffeled at how much this stuff costs. I called my mother and told her that I signed over our first born child in order to get our dogs back. She thought that was quite hilarious. I am making a concious effort to keep our dogs up to date on their health status even if it is expensive. I have resolved myself to the fact that is costs money to keep it up. And I am going to do better!!! FYI, the first time that I flushed out their ears for cleaning it went really well. Me sitting on the couch holding them down yelling "Quit!" They really loved me after that. Then they proceeded to shake their heads and get the stuff all over me. Fun times!!


Trina said...

Aww! LOL It's like having kids I tell you! Which I why I have a cat. She takes care of herself LOL

(BTW, if you do sign up for the grocery game, I would love the referral! Email me and I will give you the email address I use for it. THANKS!)

Ashley said...

I know exactly what you are talking about!! When I took Kolby to the vet in Denver, altogether I have spent about $700! He had worms first and then I had to have him neutered. I have spent more on him than I have on myself out there!