Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheesecake Fun

Okay so like my previous blog states,yesterday was cheap cheesecake day at the Cheesecake Factory. I am incredibly glad that it was on my week off!!! There were 7 of us from work that went and we decided to meet at 12pm. Why we decided that on the busiest day of the year for this restaurant I will never know. I really wasn't thinking thoroughly when I planned this apparently. Erica and I got there at around 11:30 to put our names on the list and she said that the wait would be 60-85 min. That's okay I think, we are really supposed to meet at 12 so that would be around 30 minutes for the rest of us. Well, let me just tell you... It was HOT!!!!!!! I am not a big fan of being that hot unless there is a body of water around me that I can jump in when it gets overwhelming. Anyway, we decided to go across the street and look in some stores while we waited. Shocking I know, but I didn't buy anything, I am trying to save some money. So we went back over at a little after 12 to meet the rest of our group. And waited....and waited...and waited... We finally got to our table at around 12:45, which was actually in the time frame that she quoted me originally. I had not eaten breakfast in anticipation of this feast, so needless to say, I was starving. I ordered a Blackened Chicken Sandwich that was really good, and then the cheesecake menu. I ordered the Key Lime which I have never had before, and for $1.50 if I didn't like it, it would be okay. I was incredibly full at this point:

But I was going to finish it!!! While everyone else got to go boxes for their "bites" of cheesecake, I stuffed myself with the last of it:YEAH!!! Now I can't eat for like a week due to all of the calories that I consumed but it was totally worth it!!!

So thanks to Heather, Tangela, Erica, Jennifer, Jillian, and Courtney for a wonderful "all-day" lunch. We didn't leave until after 2pm. Sorry Trina, I hate that it was way too busy for you to join us. Maybe next time. Here are a few pics of our day:


Trina said...

Oh Mary, I woulda done the same thing(stuff myself full lol)!

It was so great to meet you yesterday. And how funny is it that we had the SAME purse :)

Thank you for sharing that quote with me. On the way to work this morning, that word "fulfillment" was in my mind. I am not feeling fulfilled at work right now. I thought that was neat that the quote you shared mentioned the same word.

God is so good and I can't wait to see what He has in store for my family. Thank you so much for the prayers :)

Mrs. Filly said...

I just tasted the chocolate coconut cream piece that i had ordered "for eric" and let me tell you..i hope eric doesnt like it cause it's awesome! we should do another group outing some day at a place not so hot and crowded :)! see ya next week!