Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy (Very Late) Mother's Day!!

Last night I took my mom for her VERY late Mother's Day present. When you live 1.5 hours away from each other apparently it is very hard to find a time for both of us to get together. Especially during the summer when there is VBS, etc. Sunday is also her birthday so we were kinda celebrating both. We met up at the Summit so that she could spend a gift card and I got there earlier and bought her a beautiful orchid for her bday present. They now have a sunroom and I thought that would be a great decoration. Then we were off the The Melting Pot. I have been there once before and she had never been there. It is pretty pricey but I found a coupon in the paper so it wasn't too bad. We got the full 4 course meal. We chose the Fiesta Cheese to start with. MMMMM!!!! It was great! Then we had our salads. Hearts of Palm-I do not recommend! Nastiness!! For our entree, we had the Signature Collection cooking mojo style. If you have never been they basically bring you a fondue pot of cooking liquid and a large plate of bite size raw meat and a bowl full of veggies. Kinda weird but it is great. You then take your fondue forks and proceed to cook your own food. After that we chose the Cookies 'n Cream chocolate fondue for our dessert. It was AMAZING!!! Dark chocolate with marshmallow cream with crushed up bits of Oreos. WOW!!!! We decided that next time we could probably just get 2 pots of the chocolate next time and that would be just fine!!! We were incredibly stuffed and if you could gain 10 pounds in one meal, I think that I was successful! We had a great time!!!

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Trina said...

I have heard of that place, but never been. I love how you said Nastiness! Sounds like a word I would use LOL

I tagged you for something fun. Check my blog for details.