Monday, July 7, 2008

4th weekend

Our 4th adventures started out on Wed night going to our church program. We went inside and experienced a wonderful worship service. I had invited my parents and the Hilliar girls from back home in Cullman. In the first picture you see Brooke Hilliar. I take A LOT of credit for the way that Brooke has turned into such a wonderful young lady :) During the summers after I could drive I would "babysit" Brooke. Honestly, we really didn't accomplish anything except eating ice cream and watching TV. I would drive us a few blocks to Dairy Queen and buy a pint or quart of chocolate ice cream. Then we would come back to her house and eat it straight from the container. On occasion we would have some left over and keep in the freezer for the next day. Her mother got it out to eat one night and proceeded to get a bowl out of the cabinet, Brooke informed her that that was not the way we ate it and grabbed a spoon and started eating it straight from the container. (Life lesson-why dirty a dish when you think you will eat the entire thing?) I really hate to handwash dishes! We would then proceed to watch TV like all day long that included Full House reruns and the ever popular-Days of Our Lives. Brain TV for sure. We totally got a lot accomplished. She also taught me a lot too. Like eating peanut butter and sugar sandwiches and also putting peanut butter on toasted waffles. Really good!! So, Brooke and I had some really great summers that I will never forget. I'm pretty sure her mom won't either-Sorry Sherri! Love you girl!
I digress, the service was completely awesome and we totally had about 3 times the amount of people that were there last year. Then we were off outside to enjoy the best fireworks display in B'ham! Church of the Highlands is absolutely amazing. Come check it out if you are in the area.
The next pic is of two of my resp girls from work. Courtney and Jillian came over to the "loser pavillion" after the fireworks display. Jillian said she wondered who had set up all of their stuff over there since it was totally away from all of the chaos that was set up on the front lawn. We brought out the pop up tents and tables and brought a ridiculous amount of food including homemade ice cream-MMMMMMMM!!!!!! We had a great time of fellowship and Kent played frisbee with the kiddos.


Anonymous said...

loves it!! Well, I had more fun over in the "loser" section!! We totally had peanut butter ice cream!! hello!!! others were jealous:)

Trina said...

Hi Mary! I'm Trina, Jillian's friend, and she told me about your blog.

Nice to "meet" you :)