Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CVS Shopping Trip

Okay so I am a newbie to shopping and saving at CVS. I went this morning after work and used my coupons and first ECBs. I don't exactly know how good of a deal what I got was, but I was excited.

Here are the details:

Sale items:

Loreal vive pro products buy one get one $4.99 each

Kotex 2/$11

Crest pro health mouth wash large bottle $5.99

I used $3.99 in ECBs from last weeks photobook and $3.25 in MC

OOP 16.18

Earned $3 in ECBs

saved $16.71

I am going to Walmart to see what the total would've been if I would've bought things there to get a comparison. I will update with the total when I get back.

Okay, so I went to WalMart to check out the prices. My total for all of these items would've been $24.78 plus tax. Therefore, I saved about $10. Plus the fact that I got $3 in ECBs for the next purchase. All in all, I am happy with my purchase!


C & E said...

mary i totally made a blog...kinda :( no post or layout yet..but it's in the works..and let me tell you i'm very excited to see what the results are from your comparison trip to walmart! i'm not lying either i always wonder if sales there are really that good or just good compared to what you would normally pay at CVS so yea...cant wait! see ya in the morning!

Mrs. Filly said...

i dont know why my name showed up like that..hmm i had one of these a long time ago..things have changed. i have no idea what i'm doing

Trina said...

I'm very impressed! You just jumped right in. Way to go Mary!

Did you sign up for the CVS list on the grocery game? Cuz that helps alot too. If you can find them, they have their CVS brand 5 count travel size tampons, free after ECBs.

And yes, usually if a item is on sale BOGO and you have a BOGO MC, you get the item for FREE, you just pay the tax.