Monday, June 30, 2008

Hour # 27

Okay so last night was my last night to work for my regular schedule and I have 7 days off now. That means that I have to get back into a "normal" schedule. Yesterday I woke up around 4:30pm, went to a baby shower then went to work. While at work Heather and I decided that we were going to try something new today. After we left work, we each went to our seperate houses and took showers to "freshen up." Then we met up at Target to begin our day of keeping busy to stay awake all day. (Hence the title.) Our adventure took us to Sharper Image at the Summit. We heard that it was going out of business, so we went to check it out. Then we were off to Swoozies, Old Navy, Johnny Rockets for lunch, Goody's, Plato's Closet, Lifeway, Toys 'R Us, Wrapsody, Ben & Jerry's for some much needed half-baked, Stein Mart, Wal-Mart, then finally home. We had an absolute blast. At Toys 'R Us we were on the search for my niece's 1st birthday gift; however, we ended up playing with more toys than doing any research. I find that after you are up for more that 24 hours, your mind is not in the best of shapes to make such a huge decision about a 1st birthday gift-for your 1st niece!!! Or to be out in public looking like I did. We started talking about the toys that we had when we were little and how much the technology has improved over the years. We even played with foam swords and shields until I smashed my finger putting a toy back together. OUCH!!!! All in all I think that we did pretty good. We had some major laughter when we were totally dragging our feet through WalMart walking as fast as a two toed sloth. On the way back to my car, we jammed to some NKOTB (Oct 29 Atlanta BABY!!!) and we both made it safely home after being up for over 20 hours. So here I am on hour # 27 watching the Bachelorette (Pick Jason!!!!!) blogging to try and stay awake until at least 9pm. Only 1 1/2 hours to go!!! Heather and I decided that from now on a camera must be with us at all times so that we can share more than the story. We need pics of these hilarious times!!!


Heather said...

So I only made it to 8pm and my tv messed up and didn't record "The Men Reveal All" show!! I was sooo mad! I really don't remember much about anything last night....including dinner and Kevin coming home! BUT, I am refreshed today and ready to start the week!

Trina said...

My friend Amber is going to that concert too. I just can't spend $80 on a NKOTB ticket! LOL