Thursday, May 28, 2009

Road Construction

I realize that I live in Shelby County. With that comes along the traffic. Horrendous!!! I don't understand why it has to take the AL dept of transportation 15 forevers to finish something. They have been in the process of adding a 3rd lane to I-65 and now it is affecting my life. Tonight, on my way to work, 65 North was closed to a one lane. I sat at a dead stop for a full 7 minutes while people tried to figure out how to merge into one lane. No wrecks, thank God, but really people! Come on! Let's all learn to not just slam on the breaks when we see blue lights in front of us half a mile down the road when you are already driving 40 mph! Get a grip! I know that I am not the best driver in the state, but seriously! You are going to cause a major traffic accident if you are not paying attention! Put down your phones, quit texting and pay attention to the big fat barrels in the middle of the road!


Rebecca Louise. said...

When that happens to me I am just so tempted to ditch my car and just walk! xo.

Heather said...

Dear Mary,
I think Red Bulls are frowned upon when I am great with child. =) Maybe I need to hire myself someone to blog for me, because it's DEFINATELY not like I have nothing to blog about!