Friday, May 8, 2009


Wednesday, Heather and I decided to have a day trip to Atlanta! She starts working not with me in clinic next week so this was her last 7 off. (That's a whole different post though.) I had never been to the World of Coca-Cola, and she had never been to the Georgia Aquarium, so we spent the day at Pemberton Place. The only negative I can say, is that there were A LOT of field trips going on. I am glad that I never thought about teaching! It was really loud!! Being able to see all of those ocean/sea creatures was really amazing! It just proves how amazing God's creation is! Some of my favorites included:
The Sea Turtle:
The jellyfish-look at those tentacles!

Of course the beluga whales-shipped to the US via UPS-"What can brown do for you?"

Couldn't you just imagine sitting at the dinner table eating some crab legs?:

Starfish are a little bit weird looking underneath all sucked up on the glass:

Of course I had to take a pic of the elephant nosed fish:

We had a great time sitting and enjoying the view of the tropical tank. There were so many different colors of fish. It was gorgeous, but of course non of my pics are worth posting since they are a blurry mess!

After the aquarium, we headed over to the World of Coca Cola. That was pretty neat to see all of the memorabilia and learn how much it is worth. It also shows the progression throughout the years. More brands being introduced, etc. Coke is definitely my favorite and to think that it all started in a pharmacy. Hmmmm...

After we walked around there for a while, I got a text message from Kent telling me that bad weather was coming. He scared me half to death. By the way he talked, I thought we were going to be trying to find the ruby slippers in order to get home. I know he was just concerned, but it was definitely a little bit of exaggeration! We didn't eat at Hard Rock, we settled for Johnny Rockets since it was right beside the parking deck. Then we were headed home, after saying a prayer for safety. The Lord provided! It only rained on us for about 15 minutes.

All of that was fun, but the best thing about it was spending some great time with my BFF. I will definitely miss Heather on the dark side (night shift), but I am so excited for her to start working no weekends or holidays, especially with a wee one on the way! Thank you Heather for always being there for me! Words could never truly express how much your friendship means to me! And don't worry! That was NOT our last day trip!!!!!!!!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

So happy you had a great time with your friend :)

P.s I love your hair! xo.