Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Relay For Life

This past weekend was Relay for Life in Cullman. If you have read my blog or know me, you know that my grandmother passed away in January of breast cancer & pneumonia. She was a very active member in her home church and loved being involved in the youth's lives. She was always like a grandmother to more than just my sisters and me. Two in particular: Kallie & Brooke:

They loved Mamaw Faye as if she was their own. After mamaw passed, they felt that they just needed to do something. Two 15 yr old girls decided they were going to start a team and raise money for Relay for Life. How awesome is that!?! They named the team in memory of Mamaw Faye and in honor of Kelly-another lady in their church going through chemo. They organized the team, designed and sold shirts, held a fundraiser, and did a service to dedicate the team. I could not be more proud to know these girls and have them a part of my life! So this past Friday, all of their work came together. We had such a great time! They had a survivor's walk to start off the walk. They had a banner made with the same design as the shirts. Kelly held one side and another survivor from the church held the other. It was truly an emotional experience, watching so many survivors walking with their families. Then at 9pm, there was a luminary service. I got to that section a little late, and as I walked up someone was singing "I Will Remember You." Boy did the tears start flooding down the cheeks! Then seeing all of the luminaries in memory and in honor of. It was very touching!

It just brought to life how many people are affected by cancer. It may be someone in your family or someone that feels like family. It was a great night spent remembering and honoring all of these men and women! And of course, my niece looked absolutely adorable!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

This is so good and from the pictures you can see you all had such a great time! :) xo.