Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cheer Camp

Monday was our niece's final evaluation and awards ceremony at her cheerleading camp in Tuscaloosa. I left as soon as I got off of work Monday morning and met my mother in law so that we could make it on time. There were so many squads competing and I later found out that one of the squads was a former national champion. Well, Hueytown got 1st in the xtreme dance, 1st in the home pom routine and 2nd in the cheer. They did so great and I am so incredibly proud! Watching them always brings back so many memories of when I cheered. I went to a very small school, so we had a much smaller squad that Lindsey's squad of 28. My first year we had 16, but every other year it was between 8-12. Cheering has evolved sooooo much over the- ahem- 9 years since I was a cheerleader. It's so funny to sit and think about the different motions, spirit hands, dances, etc. that we would've never done back then. And the uniforms!?! Much different now! I remember when I was on our JV squad, our socks were up to our knees. Could you imagine that now!?! That would be a riot! When I was in high school, we did evolve in the socks that couldn't be seen above the shoes though-thank goodness!
I loved cheer camp! It was always so much fun meeting and competing against other teams. Our squad went to camp at UNA every year except for 2. Once we went to South AL and got ran off early because a hurricane Erin was coming. The other year, we went to Montevallo and were outside in the scorching mid summer heat all week long, so UNA it was the rest of the time. We got to decorate our doors and rooms, hang signs in the gym. Such great memories! We won camp champs three times and performed at the pregame of the Citrus Bowl twice. I made all star my senior year and was offered an opportunity to go to Australia over New Years. Unfortunately, it was waaaaay too expensive and I didn't get to go, but I will remember those days forever!
I wish that I had a scanner so that I could post some old pics of us at my cheer camp, but I guess that will just have to wait...
It's really hard to believe that it will be 10 years next year that I graduated from high school! I had lunch yesterday with a dear friend that I have known since kindergarten, so we were talking about what we need to do for our 10 yr reunion. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am part of the party planning committee since I was a senior class officer. :) I just don't even know where to start! It's a good thing that we have facebook and that almost all of our 70 fellow classmates are on it so that will make getting in touch with everyone a little bit easier!


Rebecca Louise. said...

We don't have cheerleading over here in th UK. I wish we did...Im glad it broguht back good memories for you because the chick flicks always represent them in a bad light xo.

Jennifer said...

i SO remember the socks! :) and we even had polyester like uniforms!! i have some really funny pics that date back to my junior high days. can i just say scary!!

clay is supposed to have his 10 year reunion this year. i'm hoping maybe they will cancel since i will be extremely large come july :)

Brandy and Jonathan Crumly said...

Awww - this post just makes me feel old! My ten year reunion is on Saturday. You are making me want to go and pull out all these emabarrassing pictures!